10 Year Strategic Plan


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10 Year Strategic Plan - Report Back Sessions

The 28 Day Submission Process has now closed for formal comments on the 10 Year Strategic Plan.

For a copy of the plan please click onthe link to the right.

After Consulting with the community and compiling all your feedback, we have now drafted a 10 Year Strategic Plan for the Break O’Day area and we want to share it with you! You can download a copy or view it on line by clicking in the link to the right. There is also a Transparency Document available for download which explains how your thoughts and ideas became the plan.



Throughout April, Break O’Day Council will be talking to the Break O’Day community about the direction of the Council and our area over the next 10 years. These community conversations and feedback will help us to develop a 10 year Strategic Plan.


The first online survey has now closed and Councillor and Council staff sessions have been finalised. 

Now Council, with the help of Youth faciliatator Simn Holmes, will be running two youth sessions in St Marys and St Helens on April 21. 

Session 1 will be held at the St Helens Tennis Club from 10am - 12pm and will include Table Tennis and FREE food!

Session 2 will be held at teh ST Marys Communtiy Meeting Space from 2pm - 3.30pm... again FREE FOOD!

All welcome! Call Simon Holmes on 0405 320 977 or see flyer for more information.


Update: April 11.

Council has now completed the 10 Community Conversation Sessions and the first online survey will close ar midnight on April 11CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ONLINE SURVEY

The next stage will involve Council staff and Councillors having their own sessions as well as two Youth sessions. At the same time we will start collating all the communtiy and survey information together. Once this is done a second survey will be released.

Once developed, the Strategic Plan will provide a framework and identify priority areas that will guide the direction of Council in future years.  It provides a basis for the future of our area, and will be used as context for Council’s Four (4) Year Corporate Plan and Annual Plans.

Some of the information that will be sought is as broad as where the community would like to see Break O’Day in 10 years’ time.

What this means to the community?

Council would like to ensure that when we plan for the future, we are best representing the views and values of our community so we would like you all to join the conversation and help us put together the best plan for Break O’Days future.

How can you get involved?

In Person: Come along to one of the Community Conversation Workshops.

Council will be running 10 Community Conversation workshops throughout the area from 3 April to 7 April. These workshops will be run by an independent facilitator, who will listen, guide and record information, suggestions and feedback brought forward by the community.

Click here for a full schedule of Community Conversation sessions.

Online: Take our Online Survey

If you are unable to get along to the Community Conversations, there will be an online survey made available through Council’s website and Facebook page. The survey will be available during and after the Community Conversations as it will be based on the feedback and ideas brought forward by the community at these sessions. The idea of the survey will be to both expand some of the ideas brought forward by the community as well as drill down further to help identify key areas of importance to the community.


Other ways you can get involved

Can’t attend the Community Conversations or access the online survey, you can still be involved.

If you are unable to take the online survey or attend a Community Conversation, you are welcome to drop into the Council Offices at 32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade, St Helens and have a chat to one of our friendly staff between Monday 3 April and Thursday 20 April. They will happily guide you through the survey and record any feedback you may have for consideration.  If you live in the Fingal Valley, we will be visiting at some stage during the Community Conversation period so keep an eye out for information on where and when.

What happens to my feedback?

Once all community feedback has been collected and collated and pulled together with Council staff and Councillor feedback, a draft strategic plan can then be developed. This draft plan will be made available to the community for review and comment both online as well as through two (2) community sessions, which are anticipated to be held in late May. Once this second lot of community feedback is collected, a final version of the plan can then be adopted by Council.


Don’t miss out on having your say on the direction of our area.