St Marys Flood Risk Management Project

The St Marys Flood Risk Management project aims to examine the flooding problem and identify actions that will reduce the risks to the community.  The project will include putting in place flood management actions identified by the project.

The project has two parts.

A ‘flood management study’

Creating a computer model from land and weather data to simulate how floods work in St Marys, map flood risks and test some flood management options to find the best ones.  

Involving the community and relevant organisations

Project Reference group includes representatives from emergency management and government agencies, the community of St Marys including residents and businesses, to provide their guidance and input.  .

The broader community has a role too; to receive the flood simulation results, help identify the best flood management options and to get flood plans of their own. 

Once the project is complete, organisations like the SES as well as businesses and community members can make use of the findings to make their own ‘flood plans’ for households, businesses and the community.  

  1. Project schedule

September 2017

Project launch, call for flood photos, meetings for community and Reference Group


Flood simulation modelling and mapping

December 2017

Community flood management workshop, flood mapping and identify flood management options to test.


Floodplain management study, evaluate flood risks and test management options

February 2018

Community flood management workshop, Floodplain management study results, recommendations and community feedback.  Start Community & Household Flood Planning.


Priority flood risk management actions identified.

March 2018

Community and Household Flood Plans, community members supported to prepare their plans.


Undertake flood mitigation actions.

June 2018

Project finished


  1. Project area 

Flooding in St Marys is modelled for the 'hydraulic model extent' shown below.  A 'hydrolical' model was built first for the catchment above the stream guage at the Break O'Day river bridge at 'Killymoon'.  For details see the Flood Study report.

Hydraulic modeling extent



  1. Funding

The project is funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Program (NDRGP) through the State Emergency Service. 

Water Technology is the consultancy firm hired to undertake the flood modelling work and their Project Manager is Julian Skipworth.