Lost Animals

Break O'Day Council maintains a register of all lost and found animals in Break O'Day Municipality

To search for your pet you can:

  • review the impounded animal list to see if your dog, cat or livestock is at a Council animal shelter. If your animal is on this list, claim it as soon as possible. If your lost animal is not listed online you can still contact Council to register your details.
  • check with the local animal shelters daily.
  • contact RSPCA and local vets.
  • contact Council.

Claiming your animal from a Council animal shelter

Stray animals are impounded in Council-operated animal shelters for at least five working days. If your animal is impounded you will need to pay a release fee.

You can claim your animal by contacting Council and quote the reference number shown on the animal details screen

You will need to bring a form of identification to collect the animal. Council will not enter into any dispute over ownership of the animal should more than one person claim to be the owner.