Municipal Management Plan

The Break O’Day Council is currently preparing a Municipal Management Plan (MMP), which includes the preparation and integration of a number of reports, plans and strategies. 

The Plan will ensure that future development in the Municipality is undertaken in a strategic and integrated manner. 

The Plan will establish priorities for works over public land and infrastructure as set out in a 10 year framework in order to improve the physical appearance and functional layout of the towns and emphasize the unique value of public open space.

The Plan will also be a key document in supporting funding applications by demonstrating strategic planning and community demand for the identified projects.  It is recognized that external funding support is likely to be required to implement many of the priority works.

In order to ensure ongoing achievement of the MMP’s aims, the MMP will include an annual review system to monitor progress of identified plans, effectiveness of plans to achieve desired goals and whether the forward plans need amending.

The reporting of such can be similar to that used in our annual plan report. This reporting should be able to tease out any issues arising and lessons learnt for further forward planning.

The MMP will comprise a number of components, with the majority of the studies being prepared by TCG Planning and its project team.  A number of studies, which have already commenced and which are being prepared by Council or other consultants, will also form part of the overall MMP project.