Planning for Sustainable Tourism on Tasmania's East Coast

What is the Planning for Sustainable Tourism project?

The Planning for Sustainable Tourism project comprises three key parts. Firstly, the project will assess what opportunities there are for sustainable tourism on Tasmania’s east coast, and look at what barriers there might be to this development occurring. The second stage of the project looks in more detail at the cultural heritage and environmental characteristics of the areas and processes that might be hindering development. It will also make recommendations for what types of development might be appropriate in different areas and what parameters and steps any proposals would need to take. The final stage of this project, the Sustainable Tourism Plan, will bring together all these considerations and provide a ‘roadmap’ for what types of development might be appropriate where. Importantly, it will also identify what changes to planning schemes or governance might be needed to facilitate the preferred outcomes, in a way that doesn’t cause unnecessary delays or duplicate processes across different departments.

The aims of the project are really to:

  • Enhance the protection and conservation of the environment, particularly matters of national environmental significance.
  • Reduce the regulatory burden for developers and investors in tourism infrastructure and attractions.
  • Increase the long-term sustainability of the region, and promote liveability for the community.


The plan will identify sustainable investment opportunities in the region, seeking win-win outcomes that create jobs and improved environmental protection. To be sustainable any investment in the industry must protect and enhance local resources – the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the area. It is important to note that the project will not propose specific developments but will help to streamline investment in areas where it can be managed in a way which doesn’t compromise the natural characteristics of the area.

The East Coast Tasmania Trail Feasibility Assessment was also undertaken which provides a high level analysis and rationale for an 18 day walking trail along the coastline within the East Coast Tourism Region.