Conveyancing Certificates


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132 & 337 Certificates

Buying/Selling Property

Your solicitor will calculate your proportion of rates liability in your settlement.


If you are doing your own conveyancing you should apply for a 132 certificate and a 337 certificate from Council.

132 Certificate shows:

·        The amount of any liability for rates, whether due or not on the land and outstanding interest or penalty payable in relation to the land;

·        Any amount received on account of rates that is held in credit against future liabilities for rates in relation to the land; and

·        The amount of any charge on the land recoverable by the Council.


337 Certificate shows:

·         Information relating to the actual property eg: building permits and infrastructure.

You can download the attached form and make payment over the phone or in person at the Break O’Day Council:

32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade St Helens

PH: 03 6376 7900



Please refer to Council’s Fees & Charges Schedule for applicable charges.