Strategic Plan

The Break O’Day Strategic Plan plays a vital role in guiding the future directions of the Break O’Day Community and the Break O’Day Council. It draws on the extensive community consultation process which was undertaken March/April 2017, and has now been further refined to focus on key outcomes which can be achieved by Council working in conjunction with the community and all relevant key stakeholders.

While this plan has been put together by Break O’Day Council, we hope that it will be seen and interpreted by the community as a Plan for our collective future. Achieving the Vision requires collective action; action that recognises the differing roles the community and Council can play which will complement and support the efforts of each other. Conversations that occurred through the development of the Plan have shaped and given clarity to how these roles relate to key areas.






We will….


…be visionary and accountable leaders who advocate and represent the views of our community in a transparent way.


…make decisions for the greater good of Break O’Day by being accessible and listening to our community.


…consider the bigger picture and be open-minded in our views and actions.


…advocate for things that are important to us.


…lead by example, use our initiative and take responsibility for the things we can influence.


Great Communication



We will…



….listen, consult and engage with the community and individuals.


…be open, honest and proactive in our communication


…keep people informed about the things that matter to them.


…engage and speak up about issues of concern. 


…seek and share information with the council, community groups and each other.


Infrastructure and services


We will...


…plan, deliver and maintain quality infrastructure and services.


… strive to deliver excellent customer service and promote Break O’Day as a desired destination.


…plan and provide community facilities and services in partnership with Council for our community.


Working together


We will…



…build and maintain strong relationships and partnerships through consultation, engagement and collaboration.


…support and facilitate our community

…be an active and engaged community participant through contribution and collaboration


…support the contribution of community groups.




We will…

…be responsible in planning and management of the Break O’Day area.


…make good decisions about our environment and resources.


…balance competing needs and demands while keeping a sustainable future in mind.

…nurture and support a sense of community through our actions.


…respect and value our environment and act with the future in mind.



Fiscal Responsibility


We will…

…work within a culture of financial sustainability focusing on securing outside funding, spending wisely and being fair to all.


…recognise the limitations of resources and the community’s capacity to pay.


…be mindful that every request has an impact on finances and that difficult decisions need to be made to ensure the best outcome for all.


…be prepared to pay for additional services and infrastructure that are requested.



In order to achieve the goals laid out in this plan, we all need to work together; without community support and participation, achieving the collective vision this document outlines for Break O’Day will be impossible.