Dog Management Policy


 Dog Management Policy

Council implements and maintains a Dog Managment Policy under the Dog Control Act 2000.  The Policy includes 'Declared areas' that allocate exercise, prohibited and restricted access for you and your dog owner on public areas of the Break O'Day Municipality. 

There are several types of declared areas or 'dog management zones':

  • Off Lead (beach, exercise area)
  • Dog Exercise area (land, St Helens)
  • On Lead at all times (restricted area)
  • Restricted Dog Access (restricted area)
  • Dogs Prohibited (no access at all)


The Dog Management Policy contains detailed maps of the dog management zones and the requirements and restrictions that apply. The 'restricted dog access' areas are on lead areas with additional limitations at certain times of the year, usually between 1 October to 31 March, and times of day.

You can view these dog access zones reproduced on the map below.  Or download a copy of the policy or the individual maps from the Resources on the right hand side of this page.

It is recommended that you make yourself familiar with the above areas and what is required when accessing them.  Should you need any further information please contact Council on 03 6376 7900.

Dog zones on Google Maps