Heater Installation

A person must notify Council not less than 2 working days prior to the installation of a heater or A stove, heater or similar appliance that burns oil or solid fuel. You can obtain a Notice if Intention to Install a Heating Appliance from Council.

A person who undertakes the installation must also notify Council that the installation has been carried out in accordance with the Building Code of Australia within 7 days of completion of the installation. Building Regulation 55(2). You can obtain a  and a Heating Appliance Installation Compliance Certificate from Council. Both need to be completed by the installer.


Good Wood Initiative


Good Wood, a best practice education initiative resourced by government and industry, has established a 24 hour call centre on 1800 853 370 and a Project Assistant at www.aboutgoodwood.info to provide best practice information about correct selection and use of treated wood with an emphasis on durability, safety and the environment. 

Break O'Day Council provides this link to ratepayers as a reliable and free source of information about the correct selection and use of treated wood. 


Thess documents are PDF files they requires Adobe to open and view them. This program can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com.au/ for free if required.