Owner Builders


Introduction of New Approved Owner Builder Courses.

As from 1 September 2013 all Owner Builders are required to undertake an approved Owner Builder Course and gain a White Card prior to applying for registration with the Director of Building Control. This applies to all applications other than a Class 10a Building or works less than $5,000.  A copy of the training certificate and white card is required to be produced along with a completed Form 40 Application for Owner Builder Registration to the Building Surveyor. 


Role of the Building Surveyor

These changes will directly affect all building surveyors (private or council employed).  Building surveyors will be required to seek a report from the Director whether or not that person is eligible to be an owner builder.  The Director must verify all persons intending to be an owner builder before they can be issued with a Certificate of Likely Compliance by a building surveyor.  . 

Role of the Permit Authority

Council Building Department staff will be required to ensure that an applicant for a building permit who intends to build as an owner builder provide copies of the Owner Builder Statement (Form 34) and the Certificate of Likely Compliance (Form 11).  As a Permit Authority already requires these two forms, changes are minimal.  The Certificate of Likely Compliance will now note an owner builder registration number that authorises the person to act as an owner builder.  Regulation 18 of the Building Regulations 2004 has been amended to reflect these changes.  The Owner Builder Statement will now be completed by the applicant at an earlier stage than previously.

Further information and relevant application forms can be obtained from the following website: