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Do I Need a Caravan Licence?

The regulations regarding the use of caravans are contained within Break O'Day Council Caravans By-Law No. 1 of 2012.

1. A person must not cause or permit a caravan to be on land which that person owns or occupies unless:

     a) A person has a license for that purpose issued pursuant to this bylaw; or

     b) The caravan is at the person’s principle place of residence for storage purposes only.

  1. A person must not occupy a caravan contrary to any condition contained in a license granted pursuant to this bylaw.

  2. A person may occupy or permit occupation of a caravan at that persons principal place of residence for a maximum of sixty days, whether continuous or not, in any calendar year and without having to apply for a license pursuant to this by-law.


For more information, please refer to the Break O'Day Caravan By-Law No. 1 of 2012.

How do I apply for a Caravan Licence?

If you or the Council have determined that a Caravan Licence is required, an Application Form for a Caravan must be completed and returned to Council along with the required licensing fee.

Who do I contact for further information?

If you need further information regarding Caravan Licensing, please contact Council on (03) 6376 7900.