Break O’Day Council now has a Compliance Officer.  What does this mean for you? 

Each Planning, Building and Plumbing permit issued by Council has conditions endorsed on them.  In order to have completion documents issued for your development you will need to have complied with these conditions.  Part of the role of the Compliance Officer is to inspect the development to ensure conditions have been adhered to.

Another function of the Compliance Officer is to investigate works that have been/or are being undertaken without the relevant permits.  There are options available to legalise these works, such as education, negotiation, mediation, arbitration or some form of regulatory action. 

By not having the relevant permits, when you go to sell your property the potential purchaser is made aware of the illegal building works and there could be delays in settlement or even the potential buyer backing out of the sale.  Illegal building works will require legalisation before putting your property on the market, to ensure that this does not happen to you.

Have you done any of these works without the relevant permits?


  • Building a house, deck, shed, carport or any other new structure?
  • Any internal or external alterations to your house?
  • Placed a shipping container on your property?
  • Built a fence or retaining wall?
  • Demolished something and replaced it with something else?
  • Installed a permanent or inflatable swimming pool.
  • Erected signage?
  • Erected or moved a temporary structure?
  • Removed any trees?
  • Have you not prepared your land in accordance with your bushfire plan?
  • Any plumbing works?
  • Installed a Waste Water System?
  • Connected to Sewer or Water Mains?


If so please contact Council immediately so we can help you rectify the situation.

Council aims to provide a service that is both equitable and consistent when dealing with non-compliance issues.  Council does this in a number of ways, ranging from cooperation to enforcement, both equally important in securing compliance with legal requirements.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call Cathy Bailey on 03 6376 7900.