Place of Assembly

Place of Assembly


What is a Place of Assembly?

The Public Health Act 1997 defines a Place of Assembly as any place or area for the entertainment of members of the public.

The Director of Public Health has specified the following places which require a Place of Assembly Licence.


A mass outdoor public event

“Mass” means one thousand people or more, present for two hours or more.

“Public event” includes, but is not limited to, any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance and publicly advertised lecture.


Who needs a Place of Assembly Licence?

Any person who wishes to conduct a mass outdoor public event.


Please Note: If you are wishing to apply for a Place of Assembly, please ensure your application is submitted well in advance of the event so as to ensure there is no hold up to your event taking place.

Contact: If you have any queries regarding Place of Assembly licences or the application process, please don't hesitate to contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6376 7900.