Private Water Suppliers and Untreated Water Supply

A Private Water Supplier (PWS) supplies drinking water obtained from a private water source (e.g. water tank, river, bore) to a premise used for commercial purposes e.g. accommodation venues such as visitor accommodation and B&Bs.

The Public Health Act requires a PWS to register with the local council to prevent risks to public health and comply with the requirements of the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

See attached application form and copy of Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.


Public health advice regarding the rare disease Tularaemia has been updated. Please see attached fact sheet.

Reticulated (mains) drinking water treated with chlorine is safe to drink.

Untreated water supplies (such as rainwater tanks, rivers, bores and dams) can get contaminated with a range of germs that cause disease in humans.

People who rely on untreated water supplies (such as rainwater tanks) for drinking are reminded to keep their water supply safe. This advice applies to residential houses, businesses, schools and other properties.

People who rely on raw water supplies are reminded to regularly maintain their water catchment and storage systems.

The risk of getting Tularaemia from drinking untreated water is low. It is more likely to be passed on through the bite of wild animals or ticks.

As always, we advise people who may be at greater risk from infections (very young children, the elderly and people with chronic disease) to boil untreated water before drinking or cooking.

If you need further advice, call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

To report a sick wild animal, call the Animal Disease Emergency Hotline on 1800 675 888.

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