On Site Waste Disposal

Any residential development on a site not serviced by a sewer system must rely on some form of onsite waste disposal. In many instances it will be the suitability of the site for waste disposal which will determine if the site is capable of being developed.

When purchasing a vacant property that is not serviced by a Council sewer, it is strongly recommended that you satisfy yourself that some form of onsite waste disposal is suitable to your land size and plans for the property is achievable.

In the past a Septic Tank Permit was required to be issued by Council, this covers all types of onsite treatment including composting toilets and domestic treatment plants.

An onsite waste disposal system usually comprises of two parts, the treatment portion such as a septic tank, composting unit etc, and disposal of the treated waste.

Under the Tasmanian Plumbing Code the treatment unit must be accredited for use in this State. Some systems may be used Interstate or Overseas, however to be used in Tasmania it is necessary for the unit to be tested under our conditions.

The accreditation of waste treatment systems is managed by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

An application form for a Special Connection Permit can be downloaded from this page.

Some on site waste water assessors and designers in the Break O'Day Municipality that can help you with this application are :

  1. Geo-Solutions - Phone 03 6223 1839
  2. Suncoast Building & Engineering Design - Ken Walters - Phone: 03 6372 2622
  3. SEAM - James Wood - Mobile 0419 330 686
  4. Onsite Assessment Tas - Richard Mason - Phone: 03 6229 1651 or Mobile 0418 589 309
  5. RJK Consulting Engineers - Risden Knightley Mobile 0400 642 469
  6. Strata Geoscience & Environmental - Sven Neilson - Mobile 0413 545 358

There are also a number of organisations in the yellow pages capable of undertaking this assessment and design.