Planning Strategy

Settlement strategy

As a basis for the planning scheme for Break O'Day prepared in 1996, a settlement strategy was drawn up. The settlement strategy identified the key development forms and options for the Municipality. It identified where and in what form development should happen to meet the goals and objectives of Council's Strategic Plan, and provided a basis for sustainable development, environmental management, economic growth and meeting social needs.

The attached document sets the settlement strategy. It is based on analysis of the physical, environmental, social and economic resources of the Municipality. Aspects of these matters are set out in detail in the body of this document. The strategy is due for review and an update. This is being done as part of Council’s Municipal Management Plan as a sub-project to prepare a Land Use and Development Strategy.


Council intends to have the Land Use and Development Strategy completed by December 2013. It is intended that this strategy will inform future amendments to the recently approved Interim Planning Scheme 2013



St Helens and Surrounds Structure Plan

This project has been sponsored by the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts. Preparation of a structure plan for St Helens is a recommended action in Vision East 2030. The project took a more in depth review of the St Helens and surrounds area. The plan provides a basis for sustainable development, environmental management, economic growth to meet social needs within the study area. The plan has analysed population growth against land supply and historical demand to provide a recommended level of vacant land supply for the next 20 years. The plan provides recommendations for environmental management, tourism, infrastructure and recreation needs of the community into the future.

Preparation of the plan involved 4 key elements:-

  1. A detailed State of the Area report,
  2. A SWOT analysis of the area,
  3. A community views report,
  4. The Final Structure plan.


Vision East

The East Coast Land Use Frame Work.

To enhance the community and economic potential of the East Coast, maintain its natural and heritage assets and values as a living environment, and establish a hierarchy of service centres with appropriate transport linkages to the region and between settlements.


Regional Land Use Strategy

Coming soon


Regional Model Planning Scheme

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