Old Scamander Bridge

Date: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Old Scamander Bridge to be removed

On June 26, Council and State Growth held a public meeting to discuss the fate of the Old Scamander Bridge.

At the meeting, several community members asked if we would prepare an information sheet covering the main questions and concerns that were raised at the meeting.

The pdf link to the right aims ot give some back gound information as well as address the most commonly asked questions.

There is also a link to the State Growth Report on the state of the bridge if you would like further information.

Where are we at now?

At the meeting a vote was taken with the majority of attendees agreeing the removal of the bridge was the best option. As a result, a steering committee of community members was established to develop concept plans for the redevelopment of the Scamander river bank in place of the bridge. This included ideas around how the history of all the Scaander Bridges could be recognised.

This information will be made available as soon as it has been recieved.