Scamander Playground Equipment - Have your say

Date: Monday 25th September 2017

After 17 years of being swung-on, climbed-on, slid-on and generally loved to pieces, it is time to replace the play equipment at the Scamander River Mouth Playground.
As it is you and your children/ grand children/nieces/nephews who use the equipment we thought who better to help us decide which equipment to replace it with than you!
Please have a look at the three options in the surey and their brief descriptions and vote for which one you think would be the most fun! All three options include the replacement of the shade sail as well as installation of nest swings.
Please note that the colour of the equipment is subject to change so we ask that you please vote for the option that you think will put the biggest smiles on the faces of our kids!
Make sure you check out the list of items and the images in the surevy before you vote.  Thank you.
Click HERE to vote