The Break O’Day Council respects the privacy rights of all individuals in the workplace.  Break O’Day Council is committed to ensuring that all members of the business comply at all times with their obligations under the Privacy Act 1998 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.


Break O’Day Council is bound by the National Privacy Principles (‘the Principles’).  The principles will be binding from 21st December 2001.


Break O’Day Council currently holds some information in relation to its employees, contractors and other workplace participants.  This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tax File Numbers.
  • Information relating to the personal background of these workplace participants (such as home address, sex, date of birth, employment history, educational qualifications, illnesses and details of contact people in the event of any emergency).
  • Information documenting the work history of these workplace participants (such as letter of appointment, bank account details, records of any salary adjustments, written warnings, salary sacrifice documents and leave taken).

There are a variety of reasons why Break O’Day Council is required to hold this information. Some of these reasons include:

  • Ensuring that both Break O’Day Council and any workplace participants are meeting their obligations under relevant legislation as well as their contact of employment.
  • Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all workplace participants at times when they are performing work for Break O’Day Council.
  • Allowing appropriate insurance coverage for these workplace participants.


The above information will be available to those employees who require this information to complete their work.
There may be certain circumstances where Break O’Day Council is contacted in relation to some or all of the above personal information, for example, when an employee has applied for a loan with a financial institution and that financial institution contacts Break O'Day Council to verify details of income being received.  Break O’Day Council’s policy in relation to providing this information is that it will obtain your consent before giving out such information.  Preferably employees should notify Break O’Day Council that such information is required in advance.
Should an employee require access to his/her own personal record, a request should be put to Break O’Day Council, who will allow the employee to look at the file in the presence of their supervisor or the Business and Corporate Services Manager.


Break O’Day Council will not be responsible for employees personal valuables or effects which are stolen, misplaced or broken whilst at work, unless said effects were required to be used in the employees normal course of duty.


All information held relating to a member/client is treated as confidential and access to such information is strictly limited.  Member/client information shall only be available to employees who are required to have access to it during the course of their work.
It is Break O’Day Council’s policy not to give personal information about its customers, rate payers or employees (for example, home addresses, phone numbers, outstanding amounts, etc) to anyone, unless required by law.


Any employee found to have contravened this policy will face disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include a formal warning, demotion, or counselling and may ultimately lead to the termination of your employment.


Anyone who feels that there has been an unwarranted invasion of their privacy should contact the General Manager.