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Fees & Charges – Planning

Planning Scheme Ordinance $40.00*


Extension – application for permit extension $130.00*
Planning Scheme – Maps $70.00*
Minor amendment – application made under s. 56 of LUPAA to modify an approval $140.00*
Illegal works minor amendment – application made under s. 56 request that involves work already undertaken (without a permit) $165.00*
Adhesion order – application for issue of an adhesion order $210.00*
Part 5 agreement – processing and sealing of a Part 5 agreement – s. 70 of LUPAA $400.00*
Scheme amendment – application for amendment to Break O’Day planning scheme

and processing fee after council approval to proceed

$1,750.00*+ TPC +

advertising fees

Mediation – organising mediation in accordance with s.57a of LUPAA or any other mediation required by the council in order to determine a planning application $250.00* per mediation meeting
Cash in Lieu of car parking – per car parking space $6,000.00*
Collection of impounded sign s48(a) of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act


$120.00 per sign
Review of application where

No Permit Required

Administration Fee $80.00
Permitted Use/
Discretionary Use
Use and/or Development (Class 7 and Class 10 Buildings, Signs, Demolition $160.00*
Use and/or Development (Other excluding subdivision) $2 per $1000 of assessment value. Min$340, Max $30,000
Illegal works – retrospective planning approval Double the relevant application fee
Advertising Fee If applicable $400


SUBDIVISION Application Fee

Where including on site waste water disposal assessment

$270.00* + $100.00* per lot (min 2)

+ $250.00


Where including on site waste water disposal assessment

$160.00* + $50.00* per lot (min 2)

+ $250.00



Extractive Industries (Level 1 EMPCA 1993) $1,100.00*
Level 2 Activity EMPCA 1993 $1,300.00*
Fence (Where not exempt) $75.00*
Signs $50.00* per sign to a max fee of


Application where buildings do not form a major part of the Development Up to $25,000 $75.00*
$25,001 to $100,000 $145.00*
$100,001 to $250,000 $375.00*
$250,001 to $499,999 $750.00*
Where project cost exceeds $500,000 $1,500.00* plus $2 per $1000 over $500,000 to a max $30,000
Demolition Assessment Where not exempt $80.00

(for all classes of building or use of site)

Plus fee for any additions associated with change $130.00*




Examination and sealing of final plan of Survey Building Certificate (if required)

Class 1A (includes Inspection & Administration costs) Class 10A (includes Inspection & Administration costs)

$260.00* +$50.00* per lot




Examination and sealing of Stratum Plan


$260.00* +$50.00* per lot
Application for a Staged

Development Scheme

Master Plan and disclosure

statement approval

$350.00* + $50.00* per lot
Petition to amend a Sealed Plan – Full Fee $600.00*


Petition to amend a Sealed Plan (if all parties to the Plan have signed

the petition)



Advertising of Section 57 “Discretionary” Applications $400.00*
Level 2 Activity Application At cost
Application for amendment to the Break O’Day

Planning Scheme two adverts required

At cost




Planning Fees Requests for additional information have not been made 75%
Requests for additional information have been made 25%
Advertising Fees Not commenced 100% less $25.00

admin fee

Application Fee Project of Regional Significance WHEN declared by Minister 50%
Applications for development by a Community Group on Land Owned or Managed by Council 100%


NOTE: Additional costs for professional services are payable prior to the takeover of works before final approval is issued.