Our Environment

Our Goal

Our goal at Break O’Day Council is; To balance our use of the natural environment to ensure that it is available for future generations to enjoy as we do.

We believe that this goal can only be achieved with the whole community on board… yes that includes you!  The below outlines what we see to be Council’s, and the Community’s role, in achieving this goal.

Council will:

  • be responsible in planning and management of the Break O’Day area.
  • make good decisions about our environment and resources.
  • balance competing needs and demands while keeping a sustainable future in mind.

The Community will:

  • nurture and support a sense of community through our actions.
  • respect and value our environment and act with the future in mind.

You can find out more about our Council Strategies and focus areas to achieve our goal in our Break O’Day Strategic Plan.

To find out about the priorities for the environment and managing our natural resources in Break O’Day and browse the Natural Resource Management and other links on this page.