Our Environment

Natural Resource Management

Break O’Day has its own Natural Resource Management Facilitator to support the community, landholders and Council in managing the area’s biodiversity, land, soil, water and coastal values and invasive species.  The NRM Facilitator is a funded Council role located at the main Council office in St Helens.

One of the NRM Facilitator’s roles is to oversee the Break O’Day Council Natural Resource Management Committee, a Special Committee of Council.

This committee is made up of;

  • Three Councillors
  • Two individual or local interest group representatives
  • One local conservation interest representative
  • One aboriginal community representative
  • Two representatives from the agricultural sector
  • One representative from Parks and Wildlife Service
  • One representative from Sustainable Timber Tasmania, and
  • One representative from the marine and aquaculture sector

The Terms and Reference of this group is;

  • To promote the protection, effective management and sustainable use of Break O’Day’s Municipality’s natural resources, including flora and fauna, coastal marine assets, soils, water and atmosphere, through implementation of the Break O’Day NRM Strategy.
  • To evaluate progress towards objectives of the Break O’Day NRM Strategy
  • To contribute to the implementation and review of NRM North’s Regional NRM Strategy and Investment Proposals
  • To provide support and advice to Council on issues referred to in the Special Committee by Council.
  • To bring before Council significant matters relating to management of natural resources which require attention and/or are not incorporated in the Break O’Day NRM Strategy
  • To represent the views of the Break O’Day community or sections of the community as they relate to social, economic and environmental implications of natural resource management activities.

One of the Committee’s tasks is to review the current Break O’Day NRM Strategy 2012, with reference to Council’s Strategic Plan 2017-2027. A copy of The Break O’Day NRM Strategy 2012 can be found here