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Customer Feedback Postcard

At Break O’Day Council we value your feedback.

We want to know what we are doing well and what we need to work on so that we can better serve our community.

Do you have a suggestion, want to report a problem, issue or concern or even pay us a compliment? There are many ways to share your feedback with us.

Some examples of things you might want to give feedback about include:

  • Council property
  • Council services
  • Decisions or actions of Council
  • Council practices and processes

Whatever feedback we receive we will make sure it is managed fairly, promptly, sensitively and efficiently.

There are lots of ways that you can share your thoughts with us.

Do you need to lodge a Customer Service Request?

Please use the Customer Service Request form below to report damage, maintenance or enforcement issues. Email your completed form to

Some topic examples include:

  • Footpath maintenance
  • Missed waste bin
  • A pot hole
  • Overgrown parks or allotments
  • Road maintenance (on council roads only)

PLEASE NOTE: Other authorities are responsible for many roads, services and public places. For example, highways are State Growth, beaches are the Parks and Wildlife Service, and water or sewerage are TasWater.

You can find a list of useful contacts further below.

We like to get feedback in writing and hear from you in your own words.

Email us


Write a letter

The General Manager

Break O’Day Council

32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade

St Helens TAS 7216


If you need to report damage, maintenance or enforcement issues please Email

Drop in and see our friendly staff at the Council office between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) at

32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade

St Helens 7216


Send us a petition

To make sure your petition is valid and can be accepted by Council please CLICK HERE

Invite us to your meeting

Sometimes Council officers and Councillors are invited to community meetings to discuss a range of topics. If you would like to request a representative from Council to your meeting, please write to us via one of the methods above and so that we can make sure we send along the right person and have all the information you need, be sure to include:

  • The Date
  • The Time
  • The Topics

Who can provide feedback?

Anyone can provide feedback, whether it is in person, in writing, online or by phone.

Can I lodge feedback on behalf of someone else?

Yes, however, if you lodge feedback on behalf of someone else, we will respond directly to that person unless you provide a letter of authority confirming that you are acting on behalf of the other person, then we will respond to you instead.

How can I provide feedback?

We prefer to receive your feedback in writing. It is the simplest and best way to ensure we receive your message in your words.

What happens when Council receives my feedback?

Your feedback is important to us. It helps us to understand the needs in our community and what is working well, and where improvements can be made. We may contact you to discuss your feedback or ask for more information.

How long will it take to get a response to my feedback?

Council is committed to responding to your feedback and we will do our best to contact you within 10 working days. This depends on the nature and complexity of your feedback.

When will Council not respond to feedback?

Council reserves the right to not acknowledge or respond to:

  • Feedback sent for the sole purpose of harassment
  • Complainants who revisit the same issue without offering any new information for consideration.

Anonymous feedback will be considered and recorded. However without your contact details we cannot contact you.

What happens to my personal information when I provide feedback?

Personal information will be protected in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. Council will not disclose your personal information to any other person or organisation unless one of the following reasons applies:

  • You have given Council consent to do so
  • Council is required by law or authorised to do so under a law
  • There are grounds to believe disclosure will prevent a threat to life or health
  • That person or organisation is providing a service to Council and is required to maintain the same or similar privacy legislation principles
  • Another government agency or authority has the appropriate jurisdiction to assist with your request

Are there any costs associated with lodging feedback?

No, there is no fee or charge.

When is the Customer Feedback process reviewed?

The Customer Feedback process will be reviewed together with the Customer Service Charter every four years.


We want to know how you perceive our service. We aim to make it easy to express your opinion on how to improve the service we provide, or any concerns you may have.

When a particular service we provide is working well, and you are satisfied with it, we would also like to know so we can share this good practice for the benefit of others. Council appreciates the time you take to make a compliment.

You can let us know your views in many ways. Whatever feedback we receive we will make sure it is managed fairly, promptly, sensitively and efficiently, in accordance with our Customer Service Charter 


There are things you can do that will assist us in better handling your complaint or request.

  • Supply accurate, complete and relevant information.
  • Provide information within agreed timeframes.
  • Treat our staff courteously and with respect.
  • Respect the rights of other customers.
  • Where possible, make an appointment with a relevant officer.
  • Consider the bigger picture and be open-minded in our views and actions.
  • Engage and speak up about issues of concern.
  • Seek and share information with the council.
  • Be mindful that every request has an impact on finances and that difficult decisions need to be made to ensure the best outcome for all.
  • Be prepared to pay for additional services and infrastructure that are requested.
  • Understand that sometimes because of legislative and statutory obligations, Council may be unable to comply with a request

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Do you need support to lodge your feedback?

If you need help to have your say please contact

Advocacy Tasmania – Your Say

1800 005 131


Find our accessibility information HERE

Not happy with the outcome?

If you are not happy with our response to your complaint, you can request a review.

Internal Review

You may request to have the decision reviewed internally by the General Manager.

External Review

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome of this internal review, you may refer the matter for external review to the Office of the Ombudsman who is responsible to the Parliament of Tasmania, and for investigating complaints.

The Ombudsman

Local Government Division

The Tasmanian Government Local Government Division ensures councils are well governed, responsive and sustainable, and acting in the best interest of their communities. If you need to make a complaint seek the advice of the Local Government Division.

03 6232 7022

Integrity Complaints

Complaints of misconduct or unethical conduct can be made to the Integrity Commission.

The Integrity Commission

Local Government Code of Conduct Complaints

Complaints against the Local Government Code of Conduct Framework for Tasmanian elected representatives can be lodged with the General Manager.

For more information regarding complaints against local government, please visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet website.

Planning Complaints

Complaints about planning issues can be made to the Planning Policy Unit, Department of Justice.

The Planning Policy Unit

**Ask us first – you may be able to get the information you want without need to use the Rights to Information process**

Right to Information

The Right to Information Act 2009 commenced on 1 July 2010 and gives members of the public the right to obtain information contained in the records of the Government and public authorities, such as Break O’Day Council.

The object of the Right to Information Act 2009 is to improve democratic government, increase executive accountability and increase the ability of the people of Tasmania to participate in their governance.

This is done by:

  • acknowledging that information collected by public authorities is collected for, and on behalf of, the people of Tasmania and is the property of the State; and
  • allowing members of the public to be able to obtain information held by public authorities and Ministers, and the right to information about the operations of Government.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

To access this information you will need to download and submit a Right to Information Form

There is a cost associated with requesting information, this can be found here.

You can find more information about Right to Information here.

TasWater  13 6992

TasNetworks  1300 137 008

TasFire  non emergencies 1800 000 699

Parks and Wildlife Service – St Helens Office (03) 6387 5510  

Tasmania Police  131 444 – In an emergency call 000

TasPorts  1300 366 742

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania  1300 368 550

Service Tasmania  1300 13 55 13

State Growth  1800 030 688

State Roads and Transport (State Growth)

SES (State Emergency Service)  132 500

TasALERT (Tasmanian Government official emergency information)

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