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Council Minutes – May 2020

Audio Recording – May 2020 Council Meeting – click below

Council Agenda – May 2020

Council Minutes – April 2020

Audio Recording – April 2020 Council Meeting – click below


Due to COVID-19 the Council Meeting scheduled for Monday 20 April 2020 commencing at 10.00am will take place electronically which unfortunately at this stage precludes public attendance.

Due to this situation the public will be unable to attend the meeting to ask questions during Public Question Time, to ensure questions can still be asked, questions can be submitted prior to the meeting and they will be read out at the meeting.  Questions must be received by no later than 9.00am on Monday 20 April 2020.

Questions can be emailed to; or be hand delivered and dropped in the mail box at the front of the Council Chambers at 32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade, St Helens alternatively they can be mailed to the same address.

A public recording of the meeting will be placed on Councils website as soon as practicable after the meeting.

Council Agenda – April 2020

Council Minutes – March 2020

Audio Recording – March 2020 Council Meeting – click below

Council Agenda – March 2020

BOD LPS Report

C4.0 Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection Code

C7.0 Natural Assets Code

C8.0 Scenic Protection Code

C10.0 Coastal Erosion Hazard Code

C11.0 Coastal Inundation Hazard Code

C12.0 Flood-Prone Hazard Areas Code

C13.0 Bushfire-Prone Areas Code

C15.0 Landslip Hazard Code

C16.0 Safeguarding of Airports Code

LPS Ordinance




Specific Area Plans


Council Minutes – February 2020

Audio Recording – February 2020 Council Meeting – click below

Council Agenda – February 2020

Council Minutes – January 2020

Audio Recording – January 2020 Council Meeting – click below

Council Agenda – January 2020

If you would like to see previous Agendas and Minutes please email and advise them what month and year you are after.