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You can find our policies below.

Most policies are reviewed every three years with some exceptions.



LG01 – Elected Member Allowances & Support Policy

LG02 – Councillor Learning and Development Policy

LG03 – Councillors Code of Conduct

LG04 – Elected Member Seeking Involvement in Operational Employment Matters Protocol

LG05 – Personal Use of Social Media Policy

LG07 – Procurement Policy (Code for Tenders and Contracts)

LG08 – Employees – Voluntary Emergency Services Policy

LG11 – Rating Exemptions and Remissions Policy

LG12 – Fit for Work (Alcohol and Drug) Policy

LG13 – Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

LG16 – Corporate Credit Card Policy

LG17 – Dealing with Difficult Customers Policy

LG19 – Disciplinary Policy

LG20 – Distribution of Unclaimed Funds Policy

LG24 – Equal Opportunities Policy

LG25 – Grievance Policy

LG27 – Information Management Policy

LG28 – Work Health and Safety Policy

LG29 – Privacy Policy

LG30 – Public Interest Disclosure Policy

LG31 – Recruitment and Selection Policy

LG32 – Risk Management Policy

LG32a – Risk Management Framework

LG35 – Staff Code of Conduct Policy

LG40 – Rates and Charges Policy

LG41 – Customer Service Charter Policy

Customer Service Charter Procedure

LG42 – CCTV and Remote Camera Operation and Management Policy

LG46a – Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

LG46 – Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

LG47 – Personal Information Protection Policy

LG48 – Contribution to Boundary Fences

LG50 – Gifts and Benefits Policy

LG51 – Related Party Disclosures Policy

LG52 – Council Support for Destroyed Dwellings

LG54 – Rates Hardship Assistance Policy

LG55 – Local Government Election – Caretaker Period Policy

LG56 – Whistle Blower Policy