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You can find our policies below.

Most policies are reviewed every three years with some exceptions.



LG01 Elected Member Allowances & Support Policy

LG02 Training & Development for the Mayor & Councillors

LG03 Councillors Code of Conduct

LG04 Elected Member Seeking Involvement in Operational Employment Matters Protocol

LG05 Personal Use of Social Media Policy

LG06 Employee Recognition Policy

LG07 Procurement Policy (Code for Tenders and Contracts)

LG08 Employees – Voluntary Emergency Services Policy

LG10 Salary Packaging Policy

LG11 Rating Exemptions and Remissions Policy

LG12 Alcohol and Drug Policy

LG13 Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

LG14 Computer Use, Internet and Email Policy

LG15 Intellectual Property Confidentiality Policy

LG16 Corporate Credit Card Policy

LG17 Dealing with Difficult Customers Policy

LG19 Disciplinary Policy

LG20 Distributing of Unclaimed Funds Policy

LG21 Employee Promotion Policy

LG23 Employee Personal Development Appraisal Policy

LG24 Equal Opportunities Policy

LG25 Greivance Policy

LG27 Information Management Policy

LG28 Work Health and Safety Policy

LG29 Privacy Policy

LG30 Public Interest Disclosure Policy

LG31 Recruitment and Selection Policy

LG32 Risk Management Policy

LG34 Smoking Policy

LG35 Staff Code of Conduct Policy

LG36 Staff Development Policy

LG39 Workers Rehabilitation Policy

LG40 Rates and Charges Policy

LG41 Customer Service Charter Policy

LG42 CCTV and Remote Camera Operation and Management Policy

LG44 UV Protection Policy

LG46 Fraud Management and Control Policy

LG47 Personal Information Protection Policy

LG48 Contribution to Boundary Fences Policy

LG50 Gifts and Benefits Policy

LG51 Related Party Disclosures Policy

LG52 Council Support for Destroyed Dwellings Policy

LG53 Audio Recording of Council Meetings Policy