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Here at Break O’Day Council we think of ourselves as proactive facilitators in terms of development opportunity.

As an organisation our goal is to:

To foster innovation and develop vibrant and growing local economies which offer opportunities for employment and development of businesses across a range of industry sectors.

Our Strategies for development

  1. Develop and highlight opportunities which exist and can be realised in a manner that respects the natural environment and lifestyle of the BOD area.
  2. Provision of relevant training and skills development programs to create a workforce for the future that meets the changing needs of business.
  3. Create a positive brand which draws on the attractiveness of the area and lifestyle to entice people and businesses’ to live and work in BOD.
  4. Support and encourage innovation and growth in the economy through local leadership; infrastructure provision; support services and customer focussed service delivery

If you want to know more about us and our region, have a look at our prospectus below or download a copy here: BODC Prospectus 2022 



We want to help existing businesses in our area grow as well as entice new development to our area. In order to do this we have a dedicated Economic Development Officer on staff. The Officer’s role is to facilitate and support business ‘intenders’ and local businesses by helping them through Council processes as well as ensuring they have access to all the services they need in the area.

Under the guidance of the Economic Development officer, we have produced an Investment Assistance Program which has been designed to foster economic growth in our region.

If you can’t find what you need in the Incentive Assistance Program, you can always give our office a call on 63767900.

There are also other organisations in Break O’Day that offer business development services or connections.

You could contact the Break O’Day Chamber of Commerce and Tourism who meet regularly to discuss the economic and business future of our area. The Chamber is a proactive organisation and is well represented by a diverse cross section of local business men and women.

Or you could get in touch with the Break O’Day Business Enterprise Centre who specialises in helping small business in our area. Some of the services they offer include ensuring they are up to date with all current tax information, financial advice, training programs, business referrals and Government programs.

Destination Action Plan

We are a partner of the Destination Action Plan (DAP) which was developed in conjunction with East Coast Regional Tourism and the St Helens community. The plan, which you can find below, outlines priorities for the DAP group, made up of business, community and representatives from Council and Parks and Wildlife, to work through.

We are very proud to be a partner of this project and look forward to continuing to work with the group to secure the future for St Helens we all want.

St Helens DAP 2019-2021 

East Coast Tourism Tasmania

East Coast Tourism Tasmania (ECTT) is our Regional Tourism agency.

ECTT support our region in a variety of ways from business and industry support to marketing opportunities. For more information head to their website:

Consumer site: East Coast Tasmania

Industry Site: East Coast Tasmania Tourism