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The Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources (DIER) has established a Community Road Safety Partnerships (CRSP) with Break O’Day Council. The partnership agreement acknowledges a sharing of resources in an approach to address local road safety issues through the development of programs and initiatives in response to identified community needs.

Following discussions with relevant parties, it became evident in our community that young people after gaining their learners licence required further support to complete their 50 hours compulsory on-road logbook driving experience.

Anecdotal evidence gathered from community members suggests that some individuals;

  • are driving unsupervised and without appropriate licences;
  • have significantly reduced opportunities for employment;
  • have reduced access to community services;
  • are reliant on infrequent public transport or friends for transport;
  • are placing other road users at risk by driving unlicensed; and
  • can become socially isolated


The aim of the project is to support identified individuals gain access to an appropriate vehicle and supervisory driver to assist in obtaining their 50 hours compulsory practical on-road driving experience by using volunteer supervising drivers.

Participants can access the project by applying to Break O’Day Council who will be responsible for ensuring that participants in the project meet the requirements set out under the “Participant Eligibility” criteria.

Once a participant has completed 50 hours of supervised driving, an assessment will be made by the  Community Services Project Officer as to whether the participant will be eligible to further access the program.  Priority will be given to new participants over those who have completed 50 hours driving experience.