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UPDATE: 25 July

The Local Government Board has now collated all feedback from the first round of consultation. You can find a report on their findings here: Stage 1 – Interim Report

The report has developed some themes with questions posed to the community and stakeholders under each theme which the Board is now asking for feedback on.

To find have your voice heard head to the Future of Local Government website.

You can also find more information on this project on our website here: Future of Local Government Review

The Tasmanian Government commissioned the Local Government Board to undertake a review of the role, function and design of Local Government in Tasmania. The Review will provide the Government with practical, evidence-based recommendations needed to ensure the future needs and aspirations of Tasmanians are met.

The Tasmanian Government has launched its Future of Local Government Review and it’s important that we all have our say on what this future may look like.


There will be a pop-up session in St Helens on Saturday 26 March from 9am – 11am outside the Bay of Fires IGA where you can share your thoughts.

If you are unable to make this session you can still have your voice heard by taking the online survey here:

If you would like more information please head to our website where you will find information as well as relevant links.



At the March Council meeting, Break O’Day Council announced the recipients of its Community Grants Program for 2021-2022.

This year, seven Community groups received a total of $29,418.54 in funding from all across the municipality.

Every year the Council earmarks $30,000 for community driven projects and receives a wide range of requests for support from various community groups throughout the area.

Mayor Mick Tucker said being able to support community projects was something very important to Council.

“As a small Council we often have the community expect us to deliver all types of projects large and small. While we do everything we can, we do have limited funds and resources and as much as we want to be able to do everything our community wants it just isn’t practical,” he said.

“Forward thinking and pro-active community groups like the ones we have supported this year through our community grant process are so important as they can deliver on grass roots projects.”

“These community groups are at the very for-front of knowing what their community needs and we look forward to seeing all their projects coming to fruition over the next 12 months.”

“On behalf of Council I would like to congratulate all the community groups who put forward their ideas and wish every success to those that were successful in receiving funding.”

We would like to congratulate the following community groups who were successful in securing funding through Council’s Community Funding Program.

Organisation  or Group name  

Description of Project

Amount Requested from





St Helens- St Marys RSL

Additional direction sign post for Memorial Park – benefit of the sign post is that our local community and visitors can now see what other items that are in the park, other than the larger visual








Falmouth Community Centre

An external weather proof graded automated external defibrillator (AED) box outside the Centre and signage advising of location at the Lagoon car park and








With One Voice Break O’Day Choir

WOVBOD is wanting to organise up to 8 community choir events this year 2022. The 8 events will be spread out over the year ie one per month x 8 months starting in April or will be fortnightly

from May – August.







St Helens Cricket Club

To update the St Helens Crickets facilities – Training Nets, cricket pitch and safety fence around half of the oval

– the nets to be compliant with safety standards for all

to use in a safe manor






Pedal heads Inc

Pedal heads first aid project

– Wilderness first aid training course & 2 x MTB First Aid Response kits







North East Bioregional Network

An educator will be engaged to go to local schools, clubs and groups using interpretative and educational materials produced to raise awareness and support for respecting and caring for local shorebird species. (Cost $2,000) +

$1,500 for materials)

Signage – shorebird saltmarsh








St Helens Online Access


Purchase the program STEM

– a learning and development program



Break O’Day Council hosted the area’s Australia Day Awards Celebration on Wednesday 26 January at the Portland Hall, St Helens.

The event started at 10am with the official winners of the Break O’Day Council Australia Day Awards presented by Mayor Mick Tucker and Australia Day Ambassador, John X.

John X has had an extensive career in entertainment and is recognisable from the stage, TV and radio. He is a Public School Ambassador, a finalist in 2015 Tasmanian Australian of the Year, a co-founder and board member of Hobart Independent actor’s company Blue Cow Theatre Inc and a broadcaster on ABC local radio.  John is also the artistic director of the Australian Musical Theatre Festival.

Mayor Mick Tucker said he always enjoyed the Australia Day Celebrations.

“There is no doubt it has been a tough couple of years for everyone so it is even more important than ever that we take the time to celebrate those who are going above and beyond for the community,” Mayor Tucker said.

“Often the efforts of these dedicated community members can go un-noticed and while we know people don’t do these things for the recognition, it is important that as a community we take the time to acknowledge and shine a light on these integral community members.

Below is a list of the Break O’Day Australian Citizen Awards as well as the Mayor’s special Award winners.

Australian Young Citizen of the Year Award Winner

Catherine Bean

Catherine is currently a member of the Fingal and Anson Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Catherine’s father was the local fire chief when she was growing up so from a very early age she had some form of involvement with the Fingal Volunteer Fire Brigade.  So when she turned 11 she joined the Bridge as a volunteer.  Catherine has recently received a 5 year long service badge from Tasmania Fire Service.

With a fire in 2020 impacting on her home town and surrounding townships, Catherine stepped up to the mark and assisted in the Incident Management Team undertaking logistical work with the Tasmania Fire Service using her local knowledge of the area to respond to queries.  Catherine also kept track of crew movements during the fire for several weeks.  Catherine is also a keen photographer and in her spare time works at teaching outdoor education skills to young people.

Australian Citizen of the Year Award Winner 

Beverley & Peter Rubenach

Beverley and Peter are advocates for people living with disabilities and their carers.  Beverley and Peter were full time carers for their son Tim for 24 years – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Beverley and Peter share their story to help open doors for people who suffer with Acquired Brain Injury and the carers who support them.  They have taken their story to the Senate Joint Standing Committee, the Senate Estimate National Disability Insurance Agency as well as calling for urgency changes to NDIS/NDIA so that people are beneficiaries and not challenges.

Beverley and Peter’s door is always open to anyone who needs a meal, a chat or just somewhere nice to sit in their magnificent garden to reflect.  Christmas lunch at the Rubenach’s – everyone is welcome – there is always a space at the table.

Break O’Day Municipal Excellence Awards

St Helens Marine Rescue

On the 31 January 2020 at approximately 8 pm St Helens Marine Rescue received word that there was a dismasted yacht stranded below Eddystone Point.

The three crew, Ken Clark, Rodney Treloggen and JD Dearing, all volunteers set off in the worst possible weather conditions you could imagine for the east coast of Tasmania. To set the scene, you could not see 3 foot in front of the boat, surfing off 3 metre waves coming from the SE and 30 – 35 knot winds blowing up from the SE as well, rocking and rolling the vessel all over the place. Enough to turn any experienced boater around.  When they loicated and reached the yacht , the rigging gear was wrapped around the boat making it very unsafe to approach the yacht.  The trio told those on-board to abandon the yacht – the two people on board the yacht had to put all their trust in the three St Helens Marine Rescue volunteers and do exactly what they were being instructed to do – in pitch-black darkness.  They were told to get into their tender which had no motor on it and the St Helens Marine Rescue volunteers would then be able to transfer them to the rescue vessel.

They kept the rescue boat on the north side of the yacht to ensure that they did not get caught up in the rigging which was floating in the water.  The tender floated towards them – as the rescue boat went down in a trough…. the tender was on top of the wave and the volunteers managed to grab them and pull them into the rescue vessel – all the time making sure that everyone was safe.

After rescuing the couple, they then had to turn around and travel back to St Helens again experiencing the same conditions, if not worse – every few seconds the waves were washing over the top of the cab of the rescue vessel.

We congratulate the members of St Helens Marine Rescue on maintaining radio contact for our boating fraternity as well as giving up their valuable time for the sake of those (sometimes) in serious life threatening and dangerous situations.

Sophie Richards

Sophie spends her free time volunteering:  a member of the St Helens Volunteer Fire Brigade, currently the President of the Clovers Netball Club and this this year the Assistant coach of the U17’s East Coast Swans Women’s Football Club.

Sophie has been an active member of the Netball family for the last 5 years, umpiring, scoring, sharing her skill knowledge by running training sessions and participating in coaching clinics.  Although Sophie is quite new to the role as a volunteer fire fighter, in 5 months she has gained her “wings” so to speak she can now turn out to fires with other bridge members.  Sophie also volunteers outside of her paid employment with Possum’M’agic by donating her time to undertake children friendly activities with families who attend Possum’M’agic.

Break O’Day Municipal Excellence Award 

Todd Dudley

For 30 years Todd has applied and shared his knowledge of and commitment to nature inspiring others to join the effort to protect the flora and fauna –not just in our municipality but beyond.  Todd is a highly informed, capable and committed conservationist from on ground works to higher levels of advocacy and political influence.

Additional to his conservation activities, Todd has been the main organiser of the St Helens Soccer Club since 1991.  Todd not only plays, he coaches, runs the administration and also maintaining the soccer ground.

Todd’s commitment to conserving and restoring nature is unprecedented not only in our region but the whole State.

Mayor’s Special Awards

Cindy Bevan

Although employed at Medea Park Residential Care for 38 years, Cindy goes above and beyond her employment – she never asks for thanks for the little acts of kindness that she does.  Cindy will often plan special events for the residents in her own time – anything to make them smile and bring laughter to their day.  Sometimes it may involve food or music or having a laugh and a bit of banter with the residents – this is the thanks she looks for.

From someone who doesn’t work at Medea – the comment was “Cindy goes out of way her to present all of the food in an appetising and appealing way but still being nutritional which brings joy to the residents.” It may be a little thing but to the residents it shows how much love and care Cindy has for the people that she looks after.

Outside of Medea – Cindy is no different – always putting a smile on people’s faces – especially during Covid – reuniting families but always with one party having the surprise

Joe Rattray

Many of us know Joe as a champion axeman and some would say that he put Pyengana on the map, but in his spare time he currently is the President of the St Helens Athletics Carnival – which has just held a successful event in St Helens, President of the North East Axemans Association, President of the East Coast Cricket Club and Captain of the Wild Hogs Cricket Club.   He has held these positions for a number of years.

Last year when Covid took its toll on a number of events, Joe decided he would not let Covid beat him and he successfully held the Easter Carnival at Pyengana.  The carnival is made up of a number of events, to which Joe had the ultimate responsibility and he took everything in his stride – with nothing bothering him.  To Joe nothing is too much – but community means everything to him.


Council to take-over ownership of the Hub4Health property

Break O’Day Council (BODC) is pleased to announce that the Hub4Health (H4H) building at 5 Portland Court, St Helens will be retained by the community under its ownership.

Last week the St Helens Hub4Health Board officially announced that BODC had been successful in the EOI process developed to hand over the property located at 5 Portland Court, St Helens.

The community began raising concerns about the future of the building earlier this year when the H4H board announced it would be discontinuing its operations and disposing of the property.

Acting Hub4Health Chairperson Mary Targett said that the board felt reassured that BODC’s EOI submission would provide the best outcome for the Break O’Day community.

“The EOI process found that greatest community benefit for the health and wellbeing of Break O’Day residents to will come from the Council’s management of this asset. Hub4Health would like to thank all the organisations who participated in the EOI process and hope the community can now get behind the changes,” Ms Targett said.

“Hub4Health believe that the site can now be developed to its full potential as place for community wellbeing, community and youth services and to address other needs as appropriate.”

BODC’s Mayor, Mick Tucker said that taking over operation of the building was an easy decision for the Council to make.

“We heard the concerns from the community about the disposal of the property and could see how much this community asset really meant them.

“We were all proud of the proposal we put forward which clearly states our intentions to keep community service delivery the core purpose of the building and that the property its self now, and into the future will always belong to the community.”

Under the Local Government Act. Councils can pass a resolution at a Council meeting to classify the H4H site as Public Land. This means if Council ever wanted to dispose of the land there would be a public notification period which would allow the community to have their say on the future of the site.

Council said that any future use of the site will be explored collaboratively with the community and will ensure that the health and well-being of the community remain the primary focus of the property.

 Ansons Bay – Amendment to Sealed Plan    

UPDATED 8 June 2022

This matter has now progressed to a hearing being conducted in accordance with the Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous) Act 1993. The Hearing is not open to the public and is only for affected parties. Those eligible to attend the hearing as determined by the Act have been formally notified.

UPDATED 4 October, 2021

Council has been made aware of community concern raised by a letter that was sent out to residents of Ansons Bay from East Coast Surveying.

The letter has unfortunately caused a lot of confusion and mis-understanding in the Ansons Bay community.  As a result we would like to urgently clarify some points

  • This is not a subdivision application and does not see the removal of any environmental safeguards on the property.
  • This is a Sealed Plan Amendment and NOT a Development Application
  • This will not affect the use of the property under the Planning Scheme.


The facts are:

The letter/proposed changes are in relation to ‘Amending a Sealed Plan’ of the property which contains ‘Restrictive Covenants’.

These ‘covenants’ were established when the property was originally subdivided in 1977 and are essentially a private agreement between the property owners of these blocks ONLY.

The ‘covenants’ that are proposed for removal include:

  • Not to excavate or remove clay, stone, gravel or sand (addressed through the planning scheme);
  • Not to conduct a trade or business – (addressed through the planning scheme);
  • Not to display advertising – (addressed through the planning scheme)
  • Not to erect a dwelling of less value than $3500.00 – (addressed through the planning scheme)
  • the removal of a right of carriage way – (now irrelevant due to the construction of Acacia Drive)

If any of the above changes were to come to Council as a development application, as the Planning Authority we would be required to ensure the planning scheme was being satisfied.

These Restrictive Covenants, do not replace the requirements of the Planning Scheme.  Any further developments on this property will have to address the requirements of the Planning Scheme like any other.

Council has received the application to amend the sealed plan in accordance with Section 103 of the Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous Provision) Act 1993.

Affected property owners were formally notified by East Coast Surveying via the letter mentioned above and ONLY those people can support or oppose the amendment by making a formal representation. These representations will be heard prior to any decision being made by Council.


Did you know that almost 1 in 20 Tasmanian women have experienced violence? Or that 17% of Tasmanian women have experienced sexual
harassment? Even more worrying than these stats is that on average in Australia, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner.

This is not good enough and we all must do more.

Break O’Day Council will not tolerate domestic violence in our community.

Domestic violence is defined by the Australian Government as including:
behaviour or threats that aim to control a partner by causing fear or threatening their safety.

Domestic and family violence can include:
• hitting;
• choking;
• denying essential money to the partner or family;
• isolating the partner from friends and family;
• insulting or constantly criticising the partner;
• forcing the partner to have sex; and
• threatening children or pets.

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, they are not alone and there are a range of support services available to help. You can find information and links to support services at

We have also included some
quick link phone numbers below.
• If you are in immediate danger, Call the Police on 000

Support services include:
• Safe at Home Family Violence Response – 1800 633 937
• 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732)
• Men’s Referral service to counsel men who use family violence –
1300 766 491
• LifeLine: 131114
• Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800

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