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 Ansons Bay – Amendment to Sealed Plan    

UPDATED 4 October, 2021

Council has been made aware of community concern raised by a letter that was sent out to residents of Ansons Bay from East Coast Surveying.

The letter has unfortunately caused a lot of confusion and mis-understanding in the Ansons Bay community.  As a result we would like to urgently clarify some points

  • This is not a subdivision application and does not see the removal of any environmental safeguards on the property.
  • This is a Sealed Plan Amendment and NOT a Development Application
  • This will not affect the use of the property under the Planning Scheme.


The facts are:

The letter/proposed changes are in relation to ‘Amending a Sealed Plan’ of the property which contains ‘Restrictive Covenants’.

These ‘covenants’ were established when the property was originally subdivided in 1977 and are essentially a private agreement between the property owners of these blocks ONLY.

The ‘covenants’ that are proposed for removal include:

  • Not to excavate or remove clay, stone, gravel or sand (addressed through the planning scheme);
  • Not to conduct a trade or business – (addressed through the planning scheme);
  • Not to display advertising – (addressed through the planning scheme)
  • Not to erect a dwelling of less value than $3500.00 – (addressed through the planning scheme)
  • the removal of a right of carriage way – (now irrelevant due to the construction of Acacia Drive)

If any of the above changes were to come to Council as a development application, as the Planning Authority we would be required to ensure the planning scheme was being satisfied.

These Restrictive Covenants, do not replace the requirements of the Planning Scheme.  Any further developments on this property will have to address the requirements of the Planning Scheme like any other.

Council has received the application to amend the sealed plan in accordance with Section 103 of the Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous Provision) Act 1993.

Affected property owners were formally notified by East Coast Surveying via the letter mentioned above and ONLY those people can support or oppose the amendment by making a formal representation. These representations will be heard prior to any decision being made by Council.


Council to take-over ownership of the Hub4Health property

Break O’Day Council (BODC) is pleased to announce that the Hub4Health (H4H) building at 5 Portland Court, St Helens will be retained by the community under its ownership.

Last week the St Helens Hub4Health Board officially announced that BODC had been successful in the EOI process developed to hand over the property located at 5 Portland Court, St Helens.

The community began raising concerns about the future of the building earlier this year when the H4H board announced it would be discontinuing its operations and disposing of the property.

Acting Hub4Health Chairperson Mary Targett said that the board felt reassured that BODC’s EOI submission would provide the best outcome for the Break O’Day community.

“The EOI process found that greatest community benefit for the health and wellbeing of Break O’Day residents to will come from the Council’s management of this asset. Hub4Health would like to thank all the organisations who participated in the EOI process and hope the community can now get behind the changes,” Ms Targett said.

“Hub4Health believe that the site can now be developed to its full potential as place for community wellbeing, community and youth services and to address other needs as appropriate.”

BODC’s Mayor, Mick Tucker said that taking over operation of the building was an easy decision for the Council to make.

“We heard the concerns from the community about the disposal of the property and could see how much this community asset really meant them.

“We were all proud of the proposal we put forward which clearly states our intentions to keep community service delivery the core purpose of the building and that the property its self now, and into the future will always belong to the community.”

Under the Local Government Act. Councils can pass a resolution at a Council meeting to classify the H4H site as Public Land. This means if Council ever wanted to dispose of the land there would be a public notification period which would allow the community to have their say on the future of the site.

Council said that any future use of the site will be explored collaboratively with the community and will ensure that the health and well-being of the community remain the primary focus of the property.

Did you know that almost 1 in 20 Tasmanian women have experienced violence? Or that 17% of Tasmanian women have experienced sexual
harassment? Even more worrying than these stats is that on average in Australia, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner.

This is not good enough and we all must do more.

Break O’Day Council will not tolerate domestic violence in our community.

Domestic violence is defined by the Australian Government as including:
behaviour or threats that aim to control a partner by causing fear or threatening their safety.

Domestic and family violence can include:
• hitting;
• choking;
• denying essential money to the partner or family;
• isolating the partner from friends and family;
• insulting or constantly criticising the partner;
• forcing the partner to have sex; and
• threatening children or pets.

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, they are not alone and there are a range of support services available to help. You can find information and links to support services at

We have also included some
quick link phone numbers below.
• If you are in immediate danger, Call the Police on 000

Support services include:
• Safe at Home Family Violence Response – 1800 633 937
• 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732)
• Men’s Referral service to counsel men who use family violence –
1300 766 491
• LifeLine: 131114
• Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800

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