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Townships on Water Restrictions:


STAGE 3 Water Restrictions

Cornwall, Fingal, Mathinna, St Helens, Stieglitz, Akaroa and St Marys

STAGE 1 Water Restrictions

More information on water Restrictions can be found here.


Message from TasWater:

“This is due to very dry conditions across much the state, along with low rainfall over the last 36 months and the uncertainty around rainfall in the immediate future.
Stage 1 restrictions are designed to reduce non-essential water usage by 20 per cent. This can be achieved through sensible water use and minimising outdoor water use. Through using water carefully, we all can make a real contribution towards managing the water supply sustainably.
We may experience some rainfall in the meantime, but the Bureau of Meteorology advise that it will take several months of above-average rain to make up the deficits in our waterways and reservoirs.
Depending on weather conditions and drinking water catchment levels, further water restrictions may be implemented. Should this occur, TasWater will advise Council directly and notify residents through a notice in your local paper and on our website. “

Dragon Trail MTB – 26 – 28 March 2020

GEOCENTRIC Outdoors (that also held XPD here in 2018) is holding a three (3) day mountain biking endurance event 26-29 March 2020.

Riders will be on their bike for 3 to 6 hours each day. It is a cross country event on blue and green trails making it accessible to all levels of rider.

The event is a three (3) day staged endurance race that will start from Branxholm on day 1 and travel 45km throughout the Derby trails, ending in Weldborough, where they will camp overnight. Day 2 they will get to enjoy the beauty of the Poimena trail, ending on Swimcart Beach. They will camp overnight at the Bendigo Bank Community Stadium, gearing up for day 3, the St Helens trails.

The event organiser’s aim for the first year was to reach the target of 100 riders, with 60% coming from the mainland, 20% Tasmanian and 20% International.

As of 23 May 2019 the registrations were at 112 fully paid.  The event has exceeded first year targets with being live on social media for 23 days.

The event will be supported by the organisers with the option of airport transfers, food and tented accommodation for registered participants.

The target market for the Dragon Trail event is women 40 years and older, as it is the current target market for Mountain Biking Australia (MBA).  Those competing are also supported by their family members who will need to source accommodation for the event locally.

Please see below for some statistical percentages for registration’s paid:


Makeup of homeland locations

66% are Interstate

12% Overseas (Japan, New Zealand and Singapore)

22% are Tasmanian


Age Ranges

45.3% – 40-49yrs

22.6% – 50-59yrs

15.1% – 30-39yrs

9.4% – 60+yrs

3.8% – 23-29yrs

3.8% – Under 23yrs



45% Women

         55% Men


GEOCENTRIC Outdoors has committed to also pay per user for the event at $20 per head for any participants over the first 100 on the St Helens Trail Network. To be negotiated further once fees have been considered for trail usage.

For more information on the Dragon Trail MTB event, please click here.

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Get In2 Gear Mentor Stephen is making a difference to the lives of our disadvantaged!

Click on the following link to read about Stephen’s experiences as a Learner Driver Mentor, why he volunteers his time and the outcomes he is helping the learners achieve.

Stephen is Making a Difference to the lives of our Disadvantaged

St Marys Oval

Council advises that the St Marys Oval will be closed for sporting activities until further notice.

We will erect warning signs on the ground and tape off the entrance to inform the public.

Despite our best efforts to date and specialist assistance the condition of this ground is continuing to deteriorate.  In 2017 Council engaged a turf specialist to treat the red headed cockchafer grub infestation which developed on the St Marys oval and adjacent grounds due to dry conditions which had prevailed over the last 2 years. These conditions have also continued which unfortunately promoted the development of the pest even further.

Council’s contractor undertook pest management first in October 2017 and furthermore in October 2018. October was selected as the optimum time to treat this pest and to break the life cycle. If St Marys were to experience favourable conditions by sufficient rainfalls at the right times, the grounds would rejuvenate far quicker than it is currently happening. We are sourcing a water supply from the golf club which will assist with increasing the ground moisture.

Unfortunately we are unable to foresee when the ground will be in a suitable condition again but we believe that in its current state is not safe to be used for any sporting activity. Previously Council elected to give user groups the choice to utilise the grounds at their own risk but we have recently received legal/insurance advice against this option.

We will keep you updated on progress, the action we are taking has been our last resort.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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The Community Funding Program provides grants to communities to improve facilities/programs in their township or to improve the overall amenity of their town. All community groups that represent the ratepayers of their community are eligible to apply for funding.

Projects that will be considered for funding but not necessarily restricted to:

  • Beautification projects
  • Projects to improve or construct recreation facilities
  • Projects that will improve the amenity of the township/community

 For more details, please click on this link: Community Funding Grant Application form 2019-2020

Applications close Monday 24th February 2020.

Download a copy of our 2019- 2020 Rates Newsletter here. Rates Newsletter