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Community Engagement

All our community engagement activities are inline with our Community Engagement STRATEGY

We understand that strategies aren’t always the most community friendly documents so we have also developed our Community Engagement Promise.

If you would like to contact us about something important to you, you can find a range of ways to talk to us on our Customer Feedback Page.

UPDATE: 15 September 2022

The Working Groups have now been established.

The Flagstaff Group have already started work on developing a scope and considering locations.

The St Helens Working Group will start work next year so that there is time to survey students.

23 September 2022


The Tasmanian Government has provided Break O’Day Council with $500,000 in funding to construct two pump tracks.

One will be located at the Flagstaff Trailhead and the other will be located in St Helens. The exact sites will be determined through our consultation process and investigations.

To ensure both projects success we will establish two working groups – one for each project.


ST HELENS Pump track

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from interested community groups to join the St Helens Pump Track Working Group.

(We will establish a working group with members from the MTB industry to develop the Flagstaff pump track.)

The Working Group for the St Helens project will help us establish;

  • Finding a suitable location
  • Surveying the community so the needs of a variety of users of the pump track are understood
  • Understanding what other infrastructure may need to be included in the design
  • Developing a consultant brief for the design of the pump track
  • Consulting the community on the concept

If you would like to join the St Helens Pump track working group please read and complete this form EOI – St Helens Working group

FLAGSTAFF Pump track

The Industry Working Group for the Flagstaff project will help us establish;

  • Finding a suitable location
  • Identifying features, look feel etc of the pump track
  • Understanding what other infrastructure may need to be included in the design
  • Developing a consultant brief for the design of the pump track
  • Consulting the community and stakeholders on the concept

You can find more information on the Flagstaff Project here;  Flagstaff Pump track Working Group

UPDATE: 25 July

The Local Government Board has now collated all feedback from the first round of consultation. You can find a report on their findings here: Stage 1 – Interim Report

The report has developed some themes with questions posed to the community and stakeholders under each theme which the Board is now asking for feedback on.

To find have your voice heard head to the Future of Local Government website.

You can also find more information on the Future of Local Government Review here: Future of Local Government Review

The Tasmanian Government commissioned the Local Government Board to undertake a review of the role, function and design of Local Government in Tasmania. The Review will provide the Government with practical, evidence-based recommendations needed to ensure the future needs and aspirations of Tasmanians are met.





Session dates for Break O’Day include:

We will also list the dates/locations and times as well as the survey link on our website here:

If you are unable to attend in person you can take the survey online here.

For more information go to: Local Government Review

UPDATE 23 September

The Volunteering strategy was was endorsed by Break O’Day Council at the Council Meeting on 19 September, 2022. You can find the Strategy here: Volunteering Strategy FINAL

To celebrate, we will be hosting a launch for the strategy on Tuesday 27 September from 12;30pm at the Hub 4 Health building. You can find more information on this event below.

We have also now established a Volunteering page on the website where you can find the strategy and links to resources.


Update 10 August

The Co-design group made up of community members, Council Officers and representatives from Volunteering Tasmania – are now developing a draft strategy based on the community which was gathered through both consultation periods.

This input has helped us determine which areas the strategy should focus on as well as consider potential actions.

We have really enjoyed co-designing this strategy with our community and appreciate all the time the group has given to the project.
We look forward to being able to present this plan to the community in the coming months.

To celebrate the launch of the strategy we plan on holding an event so keep your eye out on social media and the newsletter for more information


Update 16 June

We have now reviewed the responses of the first survey – thank you to all those that participated.

We now have some key focus areas and actions that were developed based on the community’s responses as well as some workshopping by the committee.

So that we can now test our thinking on this plan we have developed another survey . Your responses to this survey will help us determine what will make it in to the final plan.

Click here to take the survey:  


Update 3 June:

We have now closed the survey and are in the process of collating feedback. Once this is complete we will send out another survey to test our findings. We will share the link here and promote via Facebook.

Volunteering is the life-blood of a small community like ours and needs to be fostered and supported.

Council and Volunteering Tasmania have formed a community working group to explore volunteering in Break O’Day and how best to encourage, support and sustain volunteering into the future.

We will create a Volunteering Strategy for Break O’Day, based on what we discover together, and we need to hear from you.  Together, we have designed a survey to help you share your thoughts about volunteering with us.

You can take our survey by CLICKING HERE.

Or you can drop into the Council office to pick up a hard copy, or contact us and we can send you one.


How will the Strategy be developed

Council and our community working group members are being supported by Volunteering Tasmania to use a Co-design framework to develop the strategy.

Development of the strategy will involve investigating challenges and opportunities for volunteering in Break O’Day and making decisions about how to achieve a shared volunteering goal together as a group.

Once completed the Strategy will be owned and driven by the community with support from Council.



The co-design process allows all parties to have an equal voice in the development of the strategy and ensures a bottom up approach. Volunteering Tasmania defines the framework as:

“Co-design is a framework/model that engages people who are either impacted by or have direct experience with an issue alongside professionals/technical experts to design a solution.”

There are 5 stages in Volunteering Tasmania’s co-design framework.


  1. Planning We define the problem, surface/identify assumptions, identify stakeholders, shape the team and plan the work.
  2. Discovering We test the assumptions surfaced in phase 1 (Planning), involve others in the process, listen to what people have to say, observe and find out more.
  3. Sense-making We review the data that we have collected and accessed, find patterns and meaning, develop insights and shape ideas.
  4. Prototyping We design and run experiments, test our own assumptions and learn as we practice our work.
  5. Designing & Embedding We learn and adapt, design our work, processes and resources, work with people to create lasting change, evaluate what we have done and continue to learn and iterate.

Three other Tasmanian Councils have already developed their own Volunteering Strategies using this framework, Huon Valley, Clarence and Devonport. You can find these below as well as Volunteering Tasmania’s co-design framework toolkit.

Co-Design Toolkit





Have any other questions? Contact the Community Services Team on 6376 7900 or email


Recreational Trails Strategy:

UPDATE: 25 July 2022

On Friday 22 July, Break O’Day Council hosted an online forum with TRC tourism – the consultants who developed the Recreational Strategy.

The session went for 1.5 hours and 30 people registered for the event with 15 attending.

The session included a basic overview of the document with time focussed on the strategic directions and actions.

If you missed the session, don’t worry we recorded it and  you can view the online forum by CLICKING HERE:

You can also view the Power Point Presentation presented at the online session here: Break O Day Presenation – Recreational Trails

There were also some questions raised via the chat function which we have presented with answers in the below table:

Chat Questions Answers
[4:35 pm] Dean

Your projected FTE numbers how were they derived – visitor numbers market share?

“The projected job numbers (FTE) are derived using MCa Consultants regional economy model.

·         Visitor/trail user numbers are estimated and spending by these users is calculated based on average spending per person.

·         The annual spending totals (in constant prices) are an input to the model, which allocates this spending across 9 industry groups.

·         The model estimates direct jobs and indirect/induced jobs (full time equivalents)  based  on the   labour share and average wages in each sector.


[4:36 pm] Dean

The two surveys respondent numbers at 158 and 242 on line – are these numbers adequate to accurately project your assumptions?

We believe so. When we do consultation we base whether the response was adequate based on the quality of responses as well as the opportunity to contribute. This is because we understand we cannot force people to engage with us and this Strategy is comprehensive so may not be of interest to many in the community. Based on this we think 158 community responses a great response.  We also received responses from all the stakeholders which was important.


Regarding the MTB survey – we believe this is a great sample size. This survey was still running when we developed the Recreational Trails Strategy and was closed off with 365 responses and provided us with some great feedback.



[4:47 pm] Dean

We all know Derby is a massive success given its involvement at a leg of the world mountain bike championships – as such our recognition by a world authority or body is very important. A sound a defendable Stated Sustainable Competitive Advantage will go a long way to securing and maintaining this and ensure a greater % of internationals once local users had had the experience.

Blue Derby is a different product to ours. Where they focused on the MTB enthusiast market, we decided to focus on the recreational and family market. This is what makes our product different. We have however built ‘adventure trails’ which could be used in cross country style racing – these are the type of event we will pursue. This also fits with our annual event, the Dragon Trail which is a three day adventure race set to attract international riders (they have been unable to come the last couple of years due to border closures.)


We are committed to continuing to develop the network in line with the natural values of our area and St Helens and surrounds as a destination in it’self. – another unique selling point.


Please see below for information on how to make a submission sharing your thoughts on the Recreational Trails Strategy.



So that Council can plan for the future of our area in a sustainable way we develop strategic plans, one of these is the Recreational Trails Strategy.

This document will provide Council and other stakeholders with a list of priority projects for our area.

Council engaged tourism consultants TRC Tourism to develop the document.

After undertaking consultation with the community on the  20th and 21st of October 2021 with Council staff, speaking and meeting with stakeholders and other interested parties and undertaking comprehensive research on the area – TRC tourism has developed a draft document that we would now like to test with you.

You can find a copy of the document here: BOD Recreational Trails Strategy Draft 

So that the community and stakeholders have a chance to make sure they understand the document and are in agreeance with the priorities etc we will hold an online information session on 22 July from 3:30 – 5pm.


If you are unable to attend the event we will be recording the session and will upload the recording here, to this page.

If after reviewing the document and attending the online information session you would like to make a submission, please make sure your submission considers:

  • Do you feel that we have captured the feedback and information you have provided in the 1st stage of consultation
  • Have we provided a good spread of projects across the municipality?
  • Have we catered to a range of markets? Ie, walkers, mtb, locals, visitors, families, enthusiasts etc
  • Have we presented projects that cover a range of themes? Ie, Cultural, environmental, heritage, health and wellbeing?
  • Do you agree with the priority ratings for each project?
  • Do you agree with the document’s strategic priorities? (P68)
  • Have we missed anything?
  • Is there anything further you would like to add?

Submissions to be emailed to or mailed to 32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade, St Helens, 7215, Tasmania.

Submissions will be closed on Wednesday 24 August at 5pm.

UPDATE 26 September

Phase 1 of the Georges Bay Activation Strategy is now complete and all community feedback has been collated – you can find a report on the Community Engagement here: Georges Bay Activation Strategy_ Summary of Engagement

Phase 2 will see this feedback used to develop a Draft Georges Bay Activation Strategy which will also contain a list of priority projects for Georges Bay.

The Strategy and priority projects will need to be endorsed by Council at a Council meeting before being released to the public. Once Council has endorsed these documents will put them on our website and ask for community feedback on the draft through Facebook and our newsletter. We anticipate, with the Council currently in care-taker mode due to Local Government elections, that this will take place early in 2023.

Once phase 2 and the Draft has been finalised – we will advertise for a consultant to develop concept plans that we will then ask for community feedback on.

We anticipate the concept design phase to be undertaken in 2023.

Update 10 August

We have now closed the Georges Bay Activation Strategy Survey – thank you to all those who participated. Staff will now review and collate all information from the survey. We will present this information back to you in a report which we will make available on our website.

We will also email a copy to all those that participated in, or showed interest in the project. This information will then be used to develop the strategy which will be presented to the community for feedback. Having a clear strategy in place will ensure we protect what you value about our existing foreshore spaces, as well as ensure future plans for these spaces meet the changing needs of residents and visitors of our beautiful
George’s bay.


Break O’Day Council is developing a new Georges Bay Activation Strategy. Having a clear strategy in place will ensure we protect what you value about our existing foreshore spaces, as well as ensure future plans for these spaces meet the changing needs of residents and visitors of our beautiful George’s bay.

This survey has been designed to inform the Strategy and will ask you a range of questions about how you use and enjoy the many recreation areas around the bay.

The survey should only take 10-15 minutes but the information you provide us with will be invaluable.

To take the survey click here

If you would prefer a hardcopy of the survey, please drop in to the office and we will print you out one.

The survey will close on Wednesday 27 July 2022.


UPDATE : 11 JULY 2022

Community Consultation OPEN – broader Break O’Day Community

Architects, Edwards and Simpson attended a community information meeting with User Groups of the St Marys Sports Complex and Gym on 27 April. At the meeting they discussed a concept plan for the St Marys Sports Complex and listened to feedback on the plans from the users.

This feedback was formally passed on to Edwards and Simpson who have taken this onboard and redeveloped the plans for the Multi-User Centre.

A copy of the community comments and the architect’s responses can be found HERE – User Group Consultation Notes

You can find the new, revised concept plan and architect drawings  HERE:  – Architectural Drawings  and 3D Views

Now that we have a revised plan we would like to test this with the wider community.

To do this we are asking interested community members to have a look at the plans and consider:

We will also leave the project brief and a feedback box in these locations.

To provide feedback have a look at the plans and consider:

  • Will this facility cater for a range of uses and users?
  • Do we have the layout right?
  • Does the flow of the building work?
  • Do we have everything included that needs to be there?
  • How is the access to the building – will the access work for the variety of uses?
  • Any improvements that you think we should consider?
  • Anything you else you would like to know?

Hard copies of the Plans will also be displayed at the St Marys Gym, St Marys Sports Complex, Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House and Council Offices.

Please email your submissions to 



Break O’Day Council was successful in securing funding through the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery fund to build a new Multi-purpose Centre at the St Marys Recreation Ground.

Council has partnered with the Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House on this project which will involve the removal of the old Football clubrooms which, have reached the end of their life, and construction of a new, fit-for-purpose multi-user centre.

The current gym will be relocated from the Exhibition Building to the new facility. The vision for the Multi-User Centre is that it will be able to cater to the needs of all user groups, be equipped as a gym, and have flexibility and capacity to provide useable space for indoor recreation activities. It is a condition of our grant agreement that the facility is designed to be stood up as an evacuation centre in the event of an emergency such as a bushfire, flood or severe storm.

We worked with architects Edwards + Simpson to develop a concept plan which was used to secure the grant funding and can now help us develop our shared vision for the Centre.

Council is currently working with the User Groups of the St Marys Sports Complex on their feedback. Once this has been collated and incorporated in the plan, we will then open the project up to the community for feedback.

Please see a copy of the concept below:

A4_St Marys Multi-Purpose Centre


UPDATE 10 August

We have now closed our Business Survey – A big thank you to all those that participated. The information that you provided us with will really help us understand what the challenges and opportunities are in our local business community.

This year we included a random draw prize for one of the lucky participating businesses who will receive a $50 voucher to Raida. This year’s winner was 420 South Surf School – Congratulations!

If you missed out on participating and would like to next time, make sure you are on our Business email database.

We use this database to send our business community information and updates that are relevant to you and our community. To join the database, please email and put Business Database in the subject line.


Understanding the effect of visitation on our economy

In order to understand the effect that the mountain bike trails are having on our business community, we send out a survey twice a year.

The survey allows us to then compile, collate and compare data.

This information is not just helpful to us in terms of understanding growth and gaps in the business community but we can also send individualised reports to businesses if requested.

If you are a business owner in Break O’Day we would encourage you to take part in this survey.

To take the current Survey Please CLICK HERE

Find the collated data reports below:

Business Survey Report July 2022

Business-Data-Survey-collation-Summer 2021

Business Data Survey – collation AUG 2020 

Business Data Survey – collation 2020

June – August 2020 – Survey Results

Business Data Survey – collation- AUG 2019

UPDATE: 15 August

A report on Community feedback on the Draft Concept plan has now been completed. This Report was formally adopted at the 15 August 2022 Council Meeting.

The Next Steps are included in the report and are:

Next Steps
The next steps of this project will be:
1. Work through feedback and make any final changes/ amendments to master plan.
2. Review the options for siting of public amenities within the Sports Complex to ensure that a balance is achieved between necessary access and duplication of facilities (e.g. best location to service the Croquet Club area)
3. Develop a tree planting and vegetation management plan for the Sports complex
4. Options to improve and develop pathways servicing the various areas of the Sports Complex
5. Review information provided by sporting groups and work with the respective committees to explore suggestions made and opportunities relating to the provision of facilities including sharing of infrastructure
6. Initiate a feasibility study in relation to an Aquatic Centre type facility potentially including a hydrotherapy pool and gym.

A full copy of the Report as well as copies of community feedback can be found below:

St Helens Sports Complex Master Plan_ Community Feedback Summary FINAL

St Helens Sports Complex Master Plan_ Community Feedback Summary

St Helens Sports Complex representation NEBN




UPDATE: 27 May

Submissions have now closed – We are now working through all your feedback and once this is completed we will report back to you.

We will share the report, the feedback and any revised plans here.


Council has been working on a DRAFT CONCEPT Plan for the St Helens sports Complex.

We have already gathered feedback from user groups of the Recreation Ground and now we would like to hear from you.

Below is a DRAFT CONCEPT plan of the Sports Complex and what Council would like to propose.

To provide feedback on the plan please consider:

  • What do you like about the DRAFT CONCEPT plan?
  • What don’t you like about the DRAFT CONCEPT plan
  • Have we covered everything?
  • Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Please forward your feedback to and mark to the attention of Chris Hughes.

St Helens Recreation Ground Draft Concept Plan


UPDATE July 20

At the July Council meeting on 18 July the Council formally adopted the Community Engagement Strategy.

Here is a copy of the now adopted strategy: Community Engagement FINAL

We also wanted to make sure that the strategy was easy to understand by the community so we developed a two page Community Engagement Promise which outlines our commitment to the community, you can find that here: Engagement Promise

We have also developed a report on the community feedback received on the Strategy and jhow this has influenced the redevelopment of the plan.

Here is the Community Engagement Report: Community Engagement Report – Community Engagement Strategy

Council staff will now develop a procedure for internal use to ensure our engagement is meaningful and reviewed.

UPDATE June 12

We have now closed this survey and are reviewing and collating feedback.

Once this is complete we will review the plan based on your comments and then release the plan back out to the community.


Council has just drafted a Community Engagement Strategy.

This document outlines how and when Council will engage with the community and what this engagement might look like.

In order to make sure that this document meets the expectations of our community and is also understood by our community, we would like your feedback on the document.

To do this we have developed an online survey. If you are unable to take the survey online you can pop in to the office for a hardcopy or simply provide us with your thoughts via email:

Here is a copy of the draft Strategy for your review: Draft Community Engagement Strategy

Click here to take the survey.


Making sure everyone can easily walk places and be active in their town is one of the best ways to stop people getting sick and help them to stay well. But without local knowledge, it can be hard to know which parts of a town make it easy or hard for people to be active and walk from place to place.

This project builds on work already done in three small rural towns in Tasmania.

In the project, people …

  • Noted parts of the town that made it easier or harder to be active and walk from place to place.
  • Took photos to show parts of their town that make it easier or harder to walk.
  • Came up with ideas to make their town more ‘walkable’.
  • Shared the information with other people and groups, including local councils, to bring about these changes.

See below brochure for more information

Citizen scientist brochure_St Helens

If you have more questions or are interested to participate in the project, please contact:

Jewels Stewart (Community Champion): 0400035938

Subhash Koirala:, 03 6324 3667

Or visit the website –

UPDATE: 21 October

Here is a report of the community engagement undertaken via the online survey.

Community Engagement Survey Report

We are now finalising the Township Plans with the various departments that will have activities as part of each document.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on these once they are ready to be published.

UPDATE: 3 June

We have now completed the Township sessions and have closed the survey.

We will now collate this information and report back to you with a report of our findings as well as an Action Plan for each Township. We will share this here on our website and let you know it is available via Social media and the newsletter.


Council is now reviewing all our township plans and we need your input so we have developed a survey and will also be visiting each of the townships and holding a drop-in session.

Township plans have been developed for:

  • Mathinna
  • Falmouth
  • Fingal
  • Cornwall
  • Binalong Bay
  • Ansons Bay
  • Scamander
  • St Helens
  • St Marys

You can find the Township Plans here: Township Plans

Township Plans are developed in collaboration with the community and provide Council with an understanding of each community’s needs and how we can work together to achieve them.

Drop in to one of our sessions, take our survey and chat to Council Staff about what is important to YOUR community in YOUR town.

St Helens 28 March 4:30 – 7:30pm @ Portland Hall
Ansons Bay 2 April 9:30 – 11:30am @ Location to be confirmed
Cornwall  6 April 2:00 – 3:30pm @ Cornwall Community Hall
Fingal  6 April 4:30 – 6:30pm @ Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House
Mathinna  13 April 4:30 – 6:30pm @ Mathinna BBQ Shelter
Scamander  4 May 4:30 – 6:30pm @ Scamander Sports Complex
St Marys  11 May 4:30 – 6:30 @ St Marys Community Hall
Falmouth 18 May 4:30 – 6:30 @ Falmouth Community Centre
Binalong Bay 28 May  9:30 – 11:30am @ Foreshore carpark near the Tennis Courts


If you can’t make it to your township’s drop-in session you can still share your thoughts with us by taking this survey.

Click here to take the survey