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Are you a Resident of Scamander?

You may like to come along and have your say on the future of the township.

Council will be holding a Community drop-in session at the Scamander Sports Complex on Wednesday August 7, 2019 between 3pm – 6pm.

Hope to see you there

Providing the Drought Communities funding is forth coming from the Federal Government, Council will undertake Stage 3 of the Fingal Streetscape before the end of December.

The works will be on the southern side of Talbot Street between Gleadow and Brown Street and will include footpath, kerb and channel, grass nature strip and storwater system.

Council will work with local workers employed through the Drought Communities Programme which we employed through an EOI process.

If you would like to make comment on this work, please email with Fingal Streetscape in the Subject line by 10 August.

You can find a copy of the plan below or drop into the Fingal Valley Neighbourhood house who have a copy of the plan.

Fingal Streetscape Stage 3

Are you a Break O’Day Business? Can you help us gather some data on our area?

We would like you to help us understand business trends in our area. This will ultimately help us make informed decisions regarding infrastructure, marketing, the impact the mountain Bike trails are having and more.

The survey can be found by following this link

Reports will be published on our website once completed, we are also happy to provide any interested businesses with a report of all your individual data for your own purposes.

Please complete this survey by 31 August.

If you have not received an email from us regarding this survey, you may not be on our business information survey so please email if you would like to be added.

Thank you for helping us with this information.

Tasman Highway upgrades


The State Government has plans to upgrade sections of the Great Eastern Drive which will include some comprehensive works in our area.

They are currently seeking community feedback.

Some of this work includes:

Works will be undertaken in stages, with Stage 1 expected to start in late 2018.

Stage 1 works include:

  • Installation of an northbound overtaking lane at Cranbrook (north of Glen Gala Road)
  • Junction upgrades to:
    • Beaumaris Beach
    • Dark Hollow Creek
    • Freshwater Street
    • Skyline Drive.
  • Improvements to the pull over area at Four Mile Creek.

Stage 2 works are scheduled to start in mid-2019, and include:

  • Installation of a southbound overtaking lane at Cherry Tree Hill (south of Devils Corner Vineyard)
  • Improvements to the pull over areas at Rocky Hills
  • Improvements to the Coles Bay Left Turn Junction.

To have your say please click on the below link.

Tasman Highway Survey 


As you may or may not be aware, the State Government has been preparing a Statewide Planning Scheme, called the Tasmanian Planning scheme. This new scheme will include Statewide Planning Provisions as well as a Local Provision Schedule for each municipal area.

The new scheme has been adopted by the Government and includes some local provisions but not all have been carried over.

Local Provisions are specific planning guidelines that reflect matters of importance for a Local Government area.

All Tasmanian Councils are now preparing their Local Provisions which includes community consultation. You can find a FAQ sheet here.

What about our area?

The Interim Planning scheme, which is the current Break O’Day planning scheme, contains a number of provisions for our area.  We have already been told by the Planning Commissioner that some of these will not be carried over into the Statewide Scheme. However, we do have the opportunity to put forward a case for provisions and we are preparing that now.  The first step is for us to review what we want to retain.

In a few weeks, We want to start talking to our community about aspects of the current scheme that you would like us to focus on.

Before we do this, we want to make sure you understand the guidelines we must work within. It is also important that we all understand that any final decision will be made by the Planning Commission.

The following provisions provide a framework and a range tools for us to develop  any Local Provisions that we may want included:

  • Zone area maps
  • Local Area objectives (LAO)
  • Particular Purpose Zones (PPZ’s)
  • Specific Area Plans (SAP’s)
  • Site Specific Qualifications (SSQs)
  • Code Overlay maps (prescribers and local data)
  • Code lists (eg heritage)

For example: One thing we know we will have to consider is the fact that the Environmental Living and Rural Resource Zones will no longer exist. Instead land within these zones will have to be re classified under the new scheme.

You can view the Statewide Planning Scheme here.  And the relevant Act here.

What’s next?

We will be using this page of the website to keep our community up to date with the progress of the Local Provision Schedule for Break O’Day so keep an eye on this page.

When we update this page we will also let you know through Facebook as well as our newsletter.

We want to involve you in the preparation of the LPS so we are currently considering the best ways to communicate with you to ensure your voice is heard in this process.

Still have a question? Please email with Att: Planning Coordinator in the subject line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you.


We welcome your thoughts on new plans for Break O’Day’s environment and natural resource management priorities.

Council’s Strategic Plan 2017-2027 sets a sustainability goal for the Environment: to balance our use of the natural environment to ensure that it is available for future generations to enjoy as we do.  To get there Council’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) Committee has reviewed the 2012 Break O’Day Council NRM Strategy to develop revised priorities for Council that align with its Strategic Plan.

We all benefit from and depend on our natural environment and resources.  Everyone has roles and responsibilities in these plans.  They will be used by Council to guide what it can do, but they are for residents and landholders, community groups, government agencies and industry to pursue as well.

There are two draft plans: a five year Action Plan detailing short term priorities, which is drawn from the range of future NRM issues for Break O’Day, recorded in an updated Strategy.  View and download copies of the draft plans with the links below.

The comment period for the draft plans ended on 14 July 2019.  Council’s NRM Committee will consider submissions to develop final drafts for Council.

Draft Action Plan – BOD Environment & NRM 2019

Draft Strategy – BOD Environment & NRM 2019

BOD NRM Strategy 2012

In early October, we sent out a survey to local businesses to gauge the impact of the One Night Stand on their businesses.

The results f this survey can be viewed here,

NOTE: This was a confidential survey and some responses were edited to ensure individual businesses would not be identified.

ONS Survey Results COMPILED