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Volunteering is the life blood of a small, regional community like ours. Without our valued volunteers there are many events and services that simply would not happen.

To foster a thriving volunteering culture in our community a working group of volunteers with the support of Break O’Day Council and Volunteering Tasmania developed a Volunteering Strategy

Our shared vision for volunteering in Break O’Day is:

Break O’Day has a strong culture of volunteering that provides meaningful community connections and values giving back.

Volunteer organisations have access to all they need to support a sustainable and thriving volunteer culture in Break O’Day.

How to use the Strategy

Pick a focus area to work through that is most important to your group

Find something that might be easy to start with

Take it to the committee at the next meeting to see how it can be incorporated into your organisation

Reach out to the council for support on how you might get started on using the strategy in a practical way


Are you looking for ways to volunteer in your community?

Express your interest

If you would like to some help to find volunteering opportunities, please complete Volunteer Expression of Interest form

Send to and we will send you information about current opportunities and let you know where else you can look.

Find a Community Group

You can also contact community groups directly. For a list of Community Groups in our area and their contact information see here.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you are a group or organisation and would like to promote your volunteering opportunity on this page.
Please send your details on this form. Or get in touch with community services at or call 6376 7900.

Some Current Local Opportunities – SCROLL (updated April 2023)

Some of the reasons why our wonderful local volunteers love giving back to their community…

“I volunteer to keep my brain active and I enjoy helping people” Amanda, St Helens Online Access Centre
“I volunteer to give back to the community” Dave, St Helens Online Access Centre
“I volunteer because I like to give back to community, love meeting new people, enjoy the

other volunteers’ friendship” Heather, Meals on Wheels

“I volunteer because of the great range of people I meet” Christine, St Helens Tip Shop
“I volunteer because I met Richard Flanagan at the St Helens Tip Shop” Glenny, St Helens Tip Shop
“I volunteer because I love cleaning and recycling” Volunteer, St Helens Tip Shop
“I volunteer to make people happy by listening to music. So get up and dance” The Tone, Star FM
“I volunteer because I love community” Caitlin, Youth Collective of North East Coast Tasmania
“To see people smile and be included” Bridget, Volunteering Tasmania
“To help communicate, encourage happy feelings and to improve health and friendship through gardening” Peggy, Scamander Garden Club
“My obligation as a member of this awesome community” Volunteer, St Helens Marine Rescue
“I volunteer to help those in need, protect, educate , prevent, save lives and property” Volunteer, St Helens Fire Brigade
“I volunteer because I need to for myself – mental wellbeing is essential to be healthy!” Volunteer, St Mary’s Op Shop
“I volunteer because I like to think I’m helping other people in my community” Volunteer, St Mary’s Op Shop
“I volunteer because it makes me happy and I enjoy contributing to my community :)” Volunteer, St Mary’s Op Shop
“I volunteer because Lions’ motto is ‘We Serve’ and I enjoy giving back to the community. Making new friends and meeting the public, talking about all of the Lions programs” Ursula, St Helens Lions Club

Fostering a culture of volunteerism in Break O’Day

When we worked with our volunteering community to develop a Volunteering Strategy for Break O’Day we identified some things that volunteer organisations could use to ensure their volunteers feel connected and safe in their roles. Here are some of the things volunteers told us:


  • They felt reassured when the organisation had clear policies and procedures in place.
  • When considering volunteering, potential volunteers have to weigh up the costs, transport and time required to participate and people with disability with must also consider accessibility to facilities and activities.
  • When deciding whether to volunteer, potential volunteers wanted to understand what the expectations of the volunteering role was so they could make an informed decision around committing to volunteering.
  • A Volunteer Organisation that provides a welcoming and safe environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity is highly desired by potential volunteers.


To help Volunteer Organisations in Break O’Day give their potential volunteers the information they need to make an informed decision – we have put together the following resources:


Guide to Onboarding_ Induction Checklist

Orientation for New Volunteers

Template_Volunteer Role Descriptions_Feb 2021

Writing a Code of Conduct


Additional Resources

Volunteering Tasmania website

Volunteering Profile 2029: Break O’Day Local Government Area 


Lyons – 2023-24 Volunteer Grants Program

Expressions of interest for the 2023-24 Volunteer Grant Program are now open to eligible not-for-profit community organisations across Lyons. Expressions of interest will close at 11:59pm AEDST Sunday 10 September 2023.

Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are available for projects such as:

  • Purchasing eligible small equipment items for use by volunteers;
  • Contributing to volunteers’ fuel costs for voluntary duties;
  • Contributing to transport costs for volunteers with disability unable to drive;
  • Assisting with the cost of training courses for volunteers;
  • Undertaking background screening checks for volunteers;
  • Conducting activities to promote awareness and participation in volunteering;
  • Adapting practices to support volunteers’ safety in the pandemic environment.

More information from Brian Mitchell’s Electoral Office (03) 6398 1115 or visit the website

Community Grant Opportunities

TasNetworks Community Grants – Closes 8 October