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On this page you will find links to useful community Information including; Mental Health Directory, Community Groups and more.


Located between the Bay of Fires IGA and the courtyard in front of Coffee Away is the Break O’Day Community Notice board.

Community Groups and individuals are welcome to use the notice board but all material must fit within the guidelines as below.

1. The notice board will be managed by Marika at Coffee Away.
2. All material must be submitted to Marika for review before being placed on the board and must adhere to the guidelines.
3. Advertising for private items and garage sales is permitted but limited to A5 in size.
4. Material of a political nature will not be allowed.
5. Information must be of interest to the Break O’Day Community
6. Material must not be offensive or derogatory to any groups, individuals or other
7. Material containing offensive language will not be allowed
8. Information must contain a contact number or email address for more information
9. Material will be dated by Marika and removed after 4 weeks or when event/other has finished
10. Council will audit the Community Notice board and reserves the right to remove or refuse material at their discretion.

Mental Health Directory


Learner Driver Mentor Program (Get in2 Gear)

program supports our community members who are having difficulty getting their driver’s licence. This could be for a range of reasons from not having access to a vehicle, to living in an isolated area, or not having someone willing to help you get your hours up.

The program is coordinated by us with help from volunteers in our community who guide the learner drivers through the road rules, driver safety and assist with their 30+ for L1 and 50 + for L2 on road hours until they are confident enough to go for their driving test.

If you would like to be a part of this program as either a mentor or a learner driver, please have a look at the links below which covers eligibility and includes an application form.

Alternatively you can give our office a call on 6376 7900 and we can guide you through the process.

PDF attachments

Driver LEARNER Application Pack

Driver MENTOR Application Pack


Here in Break O’Day we are a diverse mix of people with a range of interests as well as a strong volunteer network.

Volunteers are an integral part of our community and without them many things would not be possible, from events to community led initiatives. If you have any spare time and would like to be a part of our vibrant community, the contact list below will help you get in touch with the right people.

We endeavour to keep the list as up to date as possible, however we do rely on community groups keeping us informed of any changes.

If you would like your group added to the list or any details changed,  please contact us.

Break O’Day Community Groups Contact List

If you are a community group and you are looking for funding for a specific project our Community Group Grants are usually open for applications at the end of the calendar year so keep an eye on this page for the application forms. We will also promote this in our newsletters and Facebook page.

If you would like some information on affordable insurance for your community group, please click here.

Below are links to the Tasmanian Fire Services Bushfire Protection Plans.

Scamander Area

St Helens Area

St Marys Area


The Sponsorship Program offers a unique opportunity to support Community of Break O’Day in Co-contribution with Break O’Day Council.
As a sponsor, you may choose to contribute a donation for either a picnic table or bench seat to celebrate events such as a birth or a wedding anniversary. Alternatively, you may wish to pay tribute to a loved one who was either born or has lived here at some stage.
Through the Sponsorship Program, you are supporting the costs of purchasing and maintaining the picnic table or seat.


For more information see the below information pack.

Information Package for Seat/Table Sponsorship