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Public Health

We maintain food safety in our community by:

  • Issuing Food Business Registrations, Temporary Food Business Registrations, Food Stalls and Mobile Van Registrations.
  • Food Safety Audits of Food Businesses.
  • Free Food Handler Training Seminars.
  • Carries out investigations into Food Safety Complaints.

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact our Environmental Health Officer on 03 6376 7900

Relevant Forms:

Food Businesses Notification Registration Form

Food Labelling Requirements for Packaged Foods



According to the Public Health Act 1997 , a Place of Assembly is any place or area for the entertainment of members of the public and includes, Regattas, concerts, and other events.

If you are holding an event that will have more than 1000 attendees present for more than 2hrs you will most likely require a Public Assembly Licence and will need to fill out the forms below.

Please Note: If you are wishing to apply for a Place of Assembly licence, please make sure you get your application submitted well in advance of the event so there won’t be a hold up for your event.

If you have would like more information or have some questions, please contact our Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6376 7900.

Place of Assembly Application Form

Smoke Free Public Events – A Guide for Event Organisers

Smoke Free Management Plan

We run the School based Immunisation program at both local schools, St Helens District High School and St Marys School which we manage in accordance with the National Immunisation Schedule.

For a full schedule of this year’s Adult and Child Immunisation Vaccination Schedule please click here.

For a full schedule of this year’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adult and Child Immunisation Schedule please click here.

For a full list of the Tasmanian Influenza Immunisation Schedule click here.

You can also find additional information about vaccinations here.

Noise nuisances can be annoying particularly when you want to relax.

Section 53 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) says that an environmental nuisance by the emission of noise is an offence if it is taken to “unreasonably interfere with a person’s enjoyment of the environment, having regard to its volume, intensity or duration, the time, place and other circumstances in which it is emitted; and if the noise is emitted from a residential premises, whether that noise can be heard in a habitable room of any other residential premises.”

Check out some of our information sheets below.

Noise Nuisance General

Noise Nuisance – Heat Pumps

Noise Nuisance – Recreational Vehicles

Noise Nuisance – Chainsaw

Help keep yourself and others safe.

The Tasmanian Government has all the latest information about Coronavirus in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Government:

Tasmanian Public Health Hotline

1800 671 738

Check in TAS app

For use in particular situations and venues. Keep up to date with the latest requirements at

Download on Google Play

Download on AppStore


COVID Information for Businesses can be found here:

Business Tasmania

1800 440 026


For nationwide or more information:

Australian Government

Prime Minister of Australia Official Announcements

The Australian Government has also developed a Coronavirus App which can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play as well as a WhatsApp feature – more information here

Please adhere to Australian Government’s Social Distancing and Public Gatherings Guidelines at all times.

We can all experience times of mental ill health. If you need help, or know someone that does, please see this list of services available in our area.

We own and maintain six cemeteries in our area which you can find on this map.

For more information, please contact us on 03 6376 7900.

There is limited access to burial records in the area, for an extensive search we recommend contacting either Service Tasmania or the Department of Justice – Birth, Death & Marriages in Hobart on 03 6233 3793.